Conflicts of Interest

The following are resources for the MTSU community to further promote an ethical culture in which to work and learn.  Annually, MTSU employees are asked to voluntarily disclose conflict of interests by completing an annual Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Form, which is provided in electronic format by the Office of Human Resources during the Spring Semester.  Conflicts of Interest are reviewed by members of the COI Committee.  Additional information regarding the COI Committee can be found within the MTSU Conflict of Interest Policy (see item #4 below).

Conflict of Interest policies and procedures are reviewed annually and updated, as needed.  Annual reports of MTSU's conflict of interests are provided to the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees.

  1. MTSU Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
  2. Tips for Filing a Complaint
  3. Conflict of Interest for Externally Funded Projects - Policy 404
  4. Outside Employment, Extra Compensation, and Dual Services Agreements - Policy 814
  5. Conflict of Interest - Policy 12
  6. Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts - Policy 135
  7. Conflict of Interest Checklist for Educational Materials Written or Authored by Faculty
  8. Conflict of Interest Guide