Risk Management Tools

Higher Education Compliance Matrix

Below is the most recent Compliance Matrix provided by the Higher Education Compliance Alliance, which MTSU utilizes as a resource for current higher education regulatory requirements.

Risk Assessment Grids and Toolsets

The following are MTSU's Risk Assessment Tools and Grid, as well as the State of Tennessee's Risk Management Toolset.  The University began utilizing the State's new Risk Management Toolset as of February 2017.

Risk Management Manual

The Risk Management Manual ("Manual") outlines the framework and resources utilized for institutional response planning to risks as part of MTSU's internal control systems.  The Manual additionally documents the ways in which MTSU's procedures and policies align with the risk management requirements of the State of Tennessee's Finance and Administration Division to detect, and to combat, fraud, waste, and abuse.  The Manual is reviewed annually by the Office of Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management, as well as by the Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance. 

The Manual is updated as additions, revisions, and enhancements to MTSU's internal control systems occur.