Divisive Concepts Reporting Form

1. The Divisive Concepts Review Committee is an advisory committee that resides under the President’s Office. The primary members of the Committee shall be representatives from Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management, Community Engagement and Inclusion, Academic Affairs, and the Faculty Senate President. Other areas of the University, including Office of the University Counsel, may be consulted to provide additional insight and expertise, depending on the nature of the disclosure submitted.  

2. Reports required by TCA 49-7-1907(b) may only be filed online through a provided reporting form. Reports may not be filed anonymously.

3. Reports will be reviewed for completeness prior to evaluation by the Committee. Any report that is incomplete after reasonable attempts to gain additional information may be administratively closed.

4.  Reports will be evaluated by the Committee, and a determination will be made. For any report that is founded, a corrective action plan will be created.


Reporting Form: Student and Employee Reporting Form (requires SSO)