Getting Started

Below are some things that you need to do to get started in your course, as well as resources to help you succeed.

  1. Orientation and Registration
    1. CUSTOMS for University College Majors - If you are a newly-admitted undergraduate student who has declared a major in University College, you must complete MT Online CUSTOMS (online orientation) before you are able to register. For directions to the MT Online CUSTOMS website, please contact your advisor for information on how to access.
    2. Students register for classes after logging into PipelineMT. Under look up classes, you can limit your course search to only MTSU online courses or only ROCC courses by using the Instructional Method or Attribute Type drop down menu.
    3. PipelineMT Tutorial
    4. MMR Hold - Full time students must provide proof of two doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine on or after the first birthday or proof of immunity to measles if date of birth is 1957 or after. Students will not be allowed to register until an acceptable form is on file in the Student Health Services Office. Exceptions can be made for students ONLY taking less than 12 hours. Please contact Health Services at (615) 898-2988.
    5. Permission of Department Form (MTSU online classes)
    6. ROCC Internship Application (UNIV 4110) - Once you complete the ROCC Internship Application form, fax it to the Provost office at (615) 898-5029.
  2. Purchase your Books and Course Materials
    • Books for ROCC courses should be purchased through the ROCC Virtual Bookstore.
    • Books for MTSU online, correspondence, hybrid, and synchronous courses can be purchased from MTSU Bookstore on campus or through the MTSU Bookstore website.
    • (Do not purchase your ROCC books through the MTSU Bookstore website)
  3. Familiarize Yourself with Your Online Course
    Visit our Orientation & Tutorial page to learn how to start your class and take a test drive in our online demo course.
  4. Check for Mandatory Class Meetings
    Check your detailed schedule in PipelineMT to find out if your MTSU online, hybrid, or correspondence class has any mandatory meetings. Proctored exams that can be rescheduled are announced in your course materials. Off-campus, synchronous, and videoconferencing classes meet on a weekly basis.
  5. On the First Day of Class
    • D2L Login (MTSU online, correspondence, hybrid, and synchronous online courses only)
    • D2L Login (ROCC online courses only)
  6. Plan for Your Exams
    If you need to schedule a proctored exam for your distance learning class, visit our Test Center website for instructions on how to reschedule your exam.

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