Volunteer State Community College (VSCC)

The MTSU / VSCC partnership allows students who earn an Associate of Applied Science at VSCC to transfer credits to MTSU toward the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies with a concentration in Organizational Leadership or Information Technology. Students can also transfer credits toward a Bachelors of Science in Integrated Studies with a concentration in Public Safety.

The program allows for sixty (60) credit hours earned from an A.A.S. at VSCC to be transferred and credited toward the completion of an B.S. within MTSU's University College. Additional credit for Prior Learning Assessment may also be possible. For more information on the transferable degree concentrations listed below, click the appropriate link or contact your VSCC or MTSU advisor.

Transferable Degree Concentrations



  VSCC Adivising Office     MTSU: Cathy Delametter
(615) 494-8952

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