Recommending the Writing Center

Thanks for making the Writing Center a part of your courses!  Below are some ideas for recommending the Writing Center to your students.  If you are considering offering credit for Writing Center attendance, please read our policy on attendance for credit first.

Include a statement in your syllabus that addresses the importance of written communication in your course and/or career field.

Or, use our sample statement and tailor it to the needs of students in the course(s) you are teaching: "The Margaret H. Ordoubadian University Writing Center is located in LIB 362 and online at Here, students can receive valuable (and FREE!) one-to-one assistance on writing projects for any course. Conferences are available by appointment (615-904-8237). Visit early and often!"

Encourage students who may be in danger of falling behind to seek out a Writing Partnership.

Writing Partnerships allow students to work once a week with a Writing Consultant and build toward a particular writing goal. Partnerships are tailored to the writer's specific goals. Find more information about Writing Partnerships here.

Encourage students who are working on long projects (creative projects, theses, or dissertations) to seek out a Writing Partnership.

Writing Partnerships are designed for any student with long-terms goals, including students who could benefit from an extra set of eyes on their work as they work to meet longer-term deadlines. Find more information about Writing Partnerships here.

Present the Writing Center as a place for all writers, regardless of level or writing experience.

We aren't just a "tutoring" center; the heart of Writing Center work is providing an audience for writers so that we can give thoughtful, knowledgeable feedback throughout the writing process. Recommending that students use the Writing Center to build on particular skills and/or building in points for using the Writing Center often works better than requiring students to attend. If you are considering offering credit for Writing Center attendance, please our attendance policy first.

Request UWC visits in all your classes early in the semester or at the beginning of a major writing assignment.

A writing assistant will visit your class, pass out Writing Center bookmarks, and provide an overview of the Writing Center's services. Sometimes seeing a friendly face makes the difference in getting students to seek help. Request a class visit here.

Suggest that your students come to the University Writing Center for at least two visits for each writing assignment.

We stress to students that one session will provide a starting point, but multiple appointments will allow them to make revisions and to get further feedback each time. Multiple visits allow students to address a variety of concerns, such as content, organization, and grammar, since a 45-minute sessions usually allows for discussion of only one or two major areas of concern.

Assist students in being prepared for their sessions and in having realistic expectations of the sessions.

Students who attend the Writing Center with assignment sheets and/or notes on the assignment in hand are more likely to have productive sessions that help them to meet their needs as writers. The Writing Center is not a "fix-it shop"; we aim to provide feedback and instruction that writers can immediately apply to the assignment at hand as well as employ in other writing tasks.

Encourage students to start or join a writing group.

See our Writing Groups page for more information!

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