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Note: The writing partnership request period for Fall 18 has ended; however, please schedule individual appointments as needed. Writing partnerships will be accepted for Spring 19 starting in January.

Thank you for your interest in a writing partnership at the University Writing Center! Partnerships are great for writers who are working on long-term writing projects (such as creative projects or dissertations) or for those who want to improve specific writing skills. Writing partnerships meet weekly at the same day and time, and writers work with the same consultant each week to meet long-term writing goals. Partnerships start at the beginning of each semester and continue until the semester ends. If you are interested in a writing partnership, fill out the Writing Partnership Request Form below. Please note that if you do not want to meet regularly each week, individual appointments may be best for you. You can make individual appointments using WCOnline (

During your first appointment, you will:

  • Meet the writing consultant you will work with each week.
  • Discuss your long-term goals.
  • Work with the consultant on a piece of writing you brought with you or, if applicable, engage in a short writing session with the consultant.
  • Discuss your writing and determine what to work on prior to the next session.

Reminders for a Successful Partnership:

  • Attend partnership sessions weekly.
  • Bring any writing with you that you wish to work on. This could be your long-term writing materials or a piece of writing for class.
  • If you cannot attend a session, cancel using WCOnline ( or by contacting the center (615-904-8237, If you are past ten minutes late or do not attend without canceling, the appointment will be marked as a “no show.” With three no-shows, your UWC account will be disabled for the remainder of the semester.
  • If you want to end your partnership or change the details of your partnership (such as the day or time), contact the Assistant Director, Keri Carter (
  • If you cannot meet for three weeks in a row, the partnership will be canceled. However, you can still schedule appointments in the UWC as needed.




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