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Create an active and engaging lecture experience with Top Hat!  Top Hat is a classroom response system that allows users to participate in class polls, quizzes, discussions, and more using their own devices. With Top Hat you won’t need to purchase any new hardware, you can simply submit responses using your laptop, web-enabled smartphone, tablet, or cell-phone with text messaging.  Link:

Top HatTop Hat Information

With Top Hat you can:

  • Create online polls, quizzes and discussions
  • Reinforce key topics within your presentation
  • Take class attendance automatically
  • Use any device (laptop, smartphone, cell phone, tablet)
  • Assign homework to be completed after class
  • Create tournament–style activities

Teacher Account Activation Checklist 

Class Activation Checklist

  • Do this every semester for each class you plan to use Top Hat:
  • Create your class(es) and add content to them 
  • Contact the Top Hat account manager for MTSU to associate your class with MTSU's subscription
  • Add TopHat information to your class syllabus
  • After your class has been associated with MTSU account, invite students to register.
    When students register to your class(es), they will be associated to MTSU's subscription. 
  • You can use the Top Hat Presentation Tool application available on all BAS master classroom computers
  • LMS integration instructions for faculty (optionally, you can have TopHat points flow to D2L's gradebook.).
  • For TopHat technical support call 1.888.663.5491 or email to

For more detailed information refer to the Top Hat Instructor's Guide PDF below.

Top Hat Resources & Links


If you have any questions, issues, or have specific questions about the Top Hat software, please contact

(Other freely available student response systems are NearPod, Socrative and Kahoot.)