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Welcome to the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences.  Our focus is on preparing research-based service providers, and I think you'll find that MTSU provides the best education in health, mental health, and human services in the state. I'm glad you're visiting us, and I look forward to seeing you on our campus. 

Michael Hein, Ph.D., Interim Dean 
College of Behavioral and Health Sciences


Mission Statement & Goals

The College of Behavioral and Health Sciences is an alliance of disciplines with the common goal of providing quality academic programs to prepare students for lifelong learning and service. The college faculty fosters a student-centered environment utilizing partnerships and evidence- and reality-based learning. Our graduates demonstrate knowledge, skills, creativity, and integrity in their professional contributions. 

Goal 1 - Establish a diverse environment, including faculty and students/majors, that reflects the characteristics and addresses the needs of the populations served. 

Goal 2 - Systematically advise undergraduate and graduate majors in all disciplines to maintain academic quality and meet graduation requirements efficiently. 

Goal 3 - Maintain program quality through accreditation, excellent partnerships within the community, state, region, and country, as well as high standards of teaching. 

Goal 4 - Create effective and efficient methods for collaboration, research, and service to meet the needs of our majors and their professional aspirations.

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