About the Financial Management Association National Honor Society


Dr. Frank Michello (frank.michello@mtsu.edu)

The FMA National Honor Society is the only National Honor Society specifically for finance students. It was founded in 1974 by FMA International. The FMA National Honor Society provides a way to recognize your best finance students for their academic achievements. By induction into the FMA National Honor Society, students have a means of demonstrating their academic excellence to potential employers. This honor is awarded by invitation only and helps set them apart from other students when pursuing their career.

Through the FMA National Honor Society, students who meet the requirements for membership - i.e., those who meet or exceed the minimum GPA and have completed the required coursework - are recognized for their academic achievement with:

  • A personalized FMA National Honor Society certificate/scroll
  • FMA National Honor Society lapel pin
  • Recognition on FMA's student chapter website
  • Option to purchase a FMA National Honor Society sash for graduation

Students who meet the criteria will be invited to join during the spring semester. Please note that the scrolls and pins are ideal to present to students during formal induction ceremonies or at honor convocations.

Eligibility Requirements

The minimum qualifications for membership are established by FMA International. Individual chapters may set higher standards if appropriate. The faculty advisor's signature (on the student membership application) is required for proof that requirements have been met.


  • 3.50 Overall GPA AND
  • 3.50 GPA in finance and/or finance-related coursework AND
  • Successful completion of six (6) hours of finance and finance-related coursework
  • Junior or senior class standing