Hazing Prevention

There is no place for hazing at MTSU. The university is committed to developing and nurturing a community devoted to honesty and integrity, respect for diversity, engagement in the community and commitment to nonviolence. Fraternity and sorority life is committed to the university’s mission and values. All students are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of their membership classification or level of seniority within an organization or group. As members of the TrueBlue community, we are concerned with the safety, well-being and dignity of all students. 

Hazing Resources

We Don’t Haze Video and Discussion

In this 17-minute documentary produced by the Clery Center, personal storytelling compels viewers to action. Takeaways include definitions of hazing, examples of hazing practices, and realistic alternatives to hazing that accomplish the goals of team-building and unity.

“We Don’t Haze” documentary
“We Don’t Haze” discussion guide

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Organization Traditions and Culture

At their core, fraternities and sororities are tradition-bound organizations. Although we value tradition within fraternities and sororities, not all traditions are healthy. Far too often, toxic traditions cause fraternities and sororities to lose sight of the organization’s mission and values.

Does your organization have any questionable traditions? It is important that we create experiences that promote safe and healthy environments.

Take the short quiz to test your chapter’s traditions.


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