Sophomore Level Literature at MTSU

The General Education English office also oversees 2000-level literature courses, which include ENGL 2020 and ENGL 2030. The course objectives for ENGL 2020 and ENGL 2030 are identical. Under MTSU's General Education requirements, students are required to take one  literature class to contribute to the nine hours of required humanities courses. Either ENGL 2020 or ENGL 2030 can satisfy this requirement.

ENGL 2020: Themes in Literature and Culture is a special topics course that focuses on one unifying themes in several literary or cultural works. These courses reflect a wide variety of departmental expertise and cultural interests and are offered on rotation. Students are encouraged to review course descriptions in Pipeline before registering.

ENGL 2030: The Experience of Literature is a more generalized, non-thematic literature course. In this course, students can expect to read a variety of literary genres, including poetry, fiction, and drama. This course emphasizes the value of lifelong reading, literary interpretation, and how texts are produced within various cultures.

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General Education English Director:

Dr. Christopher Weedman
Peck Hall 324

(615) 898-2579