Resources for Student Success

MTSU's University Writing Center

You should take advantage of the University Writing Center, which is located in the James E. Walker Library, Room 362. You can receive valuable one-on-one assistance with your writing. Conferences are available by appointment (you can go to the writing center, or you can call 615-904-8237) or for walk-ins (as available). Online writing assistance is also available. Don’t wait until the last minute to seek their help! For more information, contact the center.

Digital Media Studio (DMS)

You should also use the Digital Media Studio, which is located in James E. Walker Library on the second floor . The DMS has many hardware and software resources that you can use for this class and others. They also offer training which can be requested through their website or in person.

OWL @ Purdue

Another excellent resource for writers is Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL). This website includes tutorials and handouts on several writing subjects, including citation guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago styles, academic writing, grammar, and visual rhetoric.

MLA Style Center

If you need quick answers for your MLA questions, the MLA has created a style center that provides examples and charts for citing in MLA 8. This website also includes information about how the style has evolved, and information about academic dishonesty and how to avoid it. 

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

Like the MLA, the Chicago Manual of Style also offers an online resource. Although brief, this resource is quite thorough with examples for many types of citations.

Writing Commons

Writing Commons is a "free, global, peer-reviewed, open-education resource for college-level writers, college faculty, and the everyday writer." There are articles on topics ranging from informational literacy to the writing process, and there are even articles on MLA citation. Check out this source if you would like more information on topics that are covered in your classes or if you are personally interested in certain aspects of writing. 

Grammar Girl 

Struggling with whether to use accept or except? Don't know if you should use e.g. or i.e.? Wondering what in the world is a comma splice and how do you fix it? Grammar Girl has the solution to almost all of your grammar woes in fun and easy to comprehend answers and examples. This website is a great secondary resource to any writing handbook. 

Student Support Resources

Is a health, financial, or other issue making it difficult to achieve all that you are capable of? This helpful guide includes details and contact information for several of the student support resources available to all MTSU students. Oftentimes, student success depends on having the proper support; these resources can provide valuable assistance that might help you overcome adversity and realize your full potential.

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