College and University Teaching Certificate


Program Director:

Dr. Jim Huffman
College of Education Building, 314



This certificate program offered by the Womack Educational Leadership Department has as its central goal, the preparation of students to competently assume the duties of a faculty member in an institution of higher education upon the completion of their doctoral studies. To accomplish this goal, this program includes instruction and experiences that offer preparation to develop future faculty members who:

  • are able to apply appropriate instructional techniques to meet specific learning goals;
  • are able to effectively and independently instruct a class as instructor of record, including developing a syllabus, preparing course-appropriate learning activities, and evaluating student performance;
  • are able to demonstrate understanding of the interrelationship between scholarship, teaching, and research for college and university faculty members;
  • are skilled with technology in the classroom, distance and e-learning, presentation techniques, and instructional design; and
  • will have a verifiable credential documenting preparation for and skill in teaching at the college/university level.

Admission Requirements:

To be admitted to the Certificate in College and University Teaching program, a student must submit the following to the College of Graduate Studies

  1. be fully admitted to the College of Graduate Studies;
  2. be fully admitted to a terminal graduate degree program at MTSU;
  3. submit application with the appropriate application fee;
  4. submit official transcripts of all previous college work.

Apply Now!


Submit Application Materials to:

College of Graduate Studies
MTSU Box 42
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Test Codes for Middle Tennessee State University:
INFS - 6ZR-KJ-37
MBA (Full-time) - 6ZR-KJ-25
MBA (Part-time) - 6ZR-KJ-52
GRE 1466
MAT 1751
Praxis 1466
TOEFL 1466