About International Affairs

Image of Vice Provost Robert SummersThe Office of International Affairs at MTSU is charged with providing support and oversight for all MTSU’s international engagements.  We promote the comprehensive internationalization of the campus.  As such, we encourage all members of the MTSU community to incorporate the international in their work, studies, and activities. 

The unit is comprised of Education Abroad; the Center for Asian Studies; the Center for Chinese Music and Culture International Admissions and Recruitment; International Student and Scholar Services and the Intensive English Program.  Together we serve students that study abroad, international students that study at MTSU and the faculty and staff that support them all.  Please visit our offices in Jones Hall to see how we might support your internationalization work. 

Robert Su
mmers Ph.D.
Vice Provost for International Affairs

International Affairs Annual Impact Report 2022-2023

This document highlights selected accomplishments and statistics from the 2022-23 academic year, an extraordinary time in international education. This annual report is not traditional in that it doesn't present a series of sterile facts and figures. Instead, it is a visual celebration of the work of a dedicated group of International Affairs professionals, a devoted campus, and a vibrant local community. It paints a rich picture of MTSU's global impact. 

International Affairs Annual Impact Report 2021-2022

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of International Affairs (IA) is to provide leadership for the comprehensive internationalization of Middle Tennessee State University by fostering growth and development of our international programs and services.

Our Strategic Goals (2021-2026)

  1. We will equip our students to be successful on an international level by:
    • Providing all stakeholders access to international experiences
    • Expanding services to support a wide variety of programs, including international internships, noncredit international service, and service learning abroad
    • Supporting the recruitment of and programming for our diverse student body
    • Introducing faculty workshops to develop new and innovative approaches to internationalizing the curriculum and building global skills
  2. We will be a community leader in internationalization by:
    • Celebrating the importance of internationalism on campus and within the community
    • Facilitating programming that supports international competency, inclusion, acceptance, tolerance, and empathy
    • Recognizing the international experience and expertise of the MTSU community
  3. We will provide excellent service to all stakeholders by:
    • Offering learning opportunities for staff to interact with peers
    • Providing resources that will enhance knowledge of, adoption of, and compliance with standards of best practice
  4. We will be innovative and nimble in our internationalization efforts by:
    • Leveraging our strengths, developing new competencies, and striving for sustainability in our internationalization efforts
    • Working to reduce reliance on traditional forms of financial support