F-1 Students

Below is the process for undergraduate students for obtaining a travel signature on their I-20. Graduate Students will need to take their I-20 to the Graduate Studies office for signature. This process is necessary only if you are planning to travel outside the US. If you are only planning to travel within the US, a signature is not required.


As you plan your travel, make sure you have allowed enough time for properly prepare for your travel. You should allow one to two weeks for your forms to be processed for signature. Be aware, problems can arise, such as SEVIS website being down, weather closing campus, etc.

Check Your Documents

The travel signature on your I-20 is located on the back page, at the bottom. That signature is valid for one calendar year. If it will expire before you return to the US, you will need to obtain a new travel signature before you leave. Also, make sure your I-20 end date is not while you are out of the country. That date can be found on the front page, in Section 5. Check your passport expiration date. You must have at least six months left before expiration on the date you return. If you do not have that six months valid, you will need to renew your passport. Contact your consulate to learn how to renew while in the US, or plan to renew it in your home country. Your visa cannot expire while you are out of the country. If it will expire, you will need to renew it before you return, as well.

Submit Your I-20 and Travel Signature Request Form

Before bringing your I-20 for signature, you will need to complete the Request For Travel Signature On I-20 form (below). This form will ask questions from your passport, and Pipeline. Verify that your passport will not expire, and your visa is valid, as well as not having any holds with the university. If you have any balances owed, those must be paid in full before your form will be signed.

J-1 Students

You will need to submit your DS-2019 to the MT Abroad office, Peck Hall 207, for signature. Checking all your documents and account for holds will be necessary, as well.

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