Anyone in the US, who has an income of any kind, such as scholarship, assistantship, or job, may be required to file with the Internal Revenue Service, and may have to pay taxes on that income. Taxes are filed for the previous year. The earliest date to file is generally February 1, and the deadline is April 15. For example, for income made during the 2022 calendar year, the filing period will be between January 24, 2023 and April 18, 2023. While this page does not offer, nor can we give, tax advice, it is basic information to help you start.

Items Needed To File

  • Passport, visa, and I-94
  • Your exit and entry dates for all past US visits
  • Your I-20, DS-2019, or other immigration documents
  • Social Security number, or Tax Identification number
  • Current US and Permanent Foreign addresses
  • Name of Educational Institutions and/or Sponsoring Organizations
  • Forms W-2, 1042-S, 1099
  • Scholarship or fellowship grant letters
  • Copy of past year’s tax forms (if available)
  • Copy of Tax Treaties

Tax Treaties
The US has tax treaties with over 50 countries. These treaties vary in terms of benefits, types of income, amounts of exemption, and number of years you can claim their benefit. Please make sure you are aware of these before you begin to prepare your taxes for filing.

For more information on taxes, including international treaties, visit

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