Obtaining a Social Security Number as an International Student

You are eligible to work on campus up to 20 hours a week but to be paid, you must have a social security number.  You must have a job offer to receive a social security number

Once you find a job you will need to get a Social Security Card to provide to the Human Resources department at MTSU so that you may be paid.  To get an SSN, you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. The hiring department will need to write a letter with the following information:
    • Student’s name and M number
    • Title and description of the job
    • Employment start date
    • The number of hours the student will be working (20/week max)
    • Supervisor’s name and telephone number
    • Supervisor’s signature and date

This letter should be addressed to:

Social Security Adm. 
2836 St. Patrick Court
Murfreesboro, TN  37129

  1. When you have this letter, bring the original to the International Affairs Office at Jones Hall, Room 152. Our office will issue its own letter and place both in an officially sealed envelope.   
  2. You will take the sealed envelope to the above address with your I-20, Passport, Visa, Latest I-94, and Social Security Application.
  3. The Social Security Office will give you a receipt. Take this receipt to Human Resources (located in the Sam Ingram Building on campus). You will be given a card stating that you are allowed to work.
  4. When you receive your Social Security Card, make sure to take it to the Human Resources office. You must do this to be paid.

Please call the International Affairs office at 615-904-8190 if you have any questions.

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