SECTION 5: Towing/Booting of Vehicles

5-1: Vehicles will be towed/booted if the vehicle is parked or left in violation of University regulations, City of Murfreesboro ordinances, and/or Tennessee State laws pertaining to motor vehicles, or if said vehicle constitutes a traffic/pedestrian hazard. The owner/registrant of the vehicle will be responsible for any fines assessed against the vehicle and the cost of towing/booting. Vehicles may be towed/booted for, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Parking in a disabled parking space/ramp without disability permit.
  2. Blocking a fire hydrant.
  3. Parked in a fire lane.
  4. Blocking the roadway, walkway, or disabled ramp.
  5. Parking so as to constitute a traffic/pedestrian hazard.
  6. Parking in a loading zone.
  7. Abandoned/immobile vehicle (TCA 55-16-101 to 55-16-109).
  8. Five or more traffic/parking citations (paid or not paid) in a semester.
  9. Parking in a campus directory drive.
  10. Excessive No-Campus-Permit violations as defined in Section 1-9 .
  11. Displaying a forged or altered permit.
  12. Parking on campus while parking privileges have been revoked.
  13. Displaying a lost or stolen permit.
  14. Any vehicle parked on campus with no visible means of identification; i.e. the license tag has been removed and the vehicle identification number covered or removed.
  15. Faculty/staff/administration with outstanding fines from prior semester who receive first fine after permit expiration.
  16. Displaying an unauthorized permit.

5-2: Any person whose vehicle is booted and/or impounded may appeal such action as outlined in Section 8 .

5-3: If a boot is removed by the owner/registrant of the vehicle and damaged, the owner/registrant will be responsible for the cost of the boot as well as the ticket fine and boot removal fee. The owner/registrant of the vehicle will be prosecuted if a boot is improperly removed and damaged.