SECTION 8: Judicial Procedures

8-1: Any student, other than one holding a faculty/administrative/staff permit, who receives a parking/traffic citation may appeal the citation within fifteen (15) calendar days of issuance by going to the SGA website. Those students holding faculty/administrative/staff permits may appeal according to Section 8-2.

8-2: Any employee or student holding a faculty/administrative/staff permit who receives a citation may appeal the citation within fifteen (15) calendar days of issuance by filing an appeal form or by going to the Parking and Transportation Services website. An appeal form may be obtained at the Parking and Transportation Services Office. Attach the citation to the appeal form and forward to Parking and Transportation Services, P.O. Box 147. The MTSU Parking and Traffic Committee will handle disposition of the appeal.

8-3: Any student or employee who has his/her vehicle booted and/or towed may appeal such action to the appropriate judicial body. This can be done only after the vehicle has been secured from impoundment and within fifteen (15) calendar days of the towing date.

8-4: The payment of citations will in no way restrict the SGA Traffic Court or the University Parking and Traffic Committee from revoking parking privileges.

8-5: Paying the citation is in no way an admission of guilt.  If a person decides to pay a citation, an appeal can still be made and if voided, the fine will be reimbursed to the account on record in the Bursar's Office.