Alternative Spring Break Program (ASB)

The Office of Student Organizations & Service, along with SGA as a co-sponsor will be host an Alternative Spring Break trip to provide students with an opportunity to make a difference in the community on a local, national, or global effort. The ASB program is life-changing that has grown quickly at colleges and universities across the country. Students participate in intensive service experiences that provide them an opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of others by giving of themselves. By providing needed services, team members learn from the people and organizations they encounter, and gain a better understanding of the world.

What is ASB?

The Alternative Spring Break program is one in which a select group of students participate in various volunteering roles outside of their comfort zone. Each trip will focus on a different social issue which might include homelessness, hunger, environment, etc.

How can I get involved?

Students may become involved as a participant or a site leader. Participants apply to be part of a team that goes on a community service trip during Spring Break. A Site Leader will assist in coordinating the trip logistics, recruitment, and reflection activities.

Alternative Spring Break is open to any student and you may register today. The deadline to register is February 2022.

What are the dates?

Monday, March 7-11th, 2022.

**9 AM - 4 PM daily unless noted otherwise.**

How much will this cost?

This program is free to all students. 

What about transportation?

We will be carpooling to our locations.



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