JCB Faculty/Staff On-Boarding

Welcome to the Jones College of Business (JCB)!  We are glad you have joined our team of exceptional professionals. We have created this page to ensure you have all the information necessary to be productive from your very first day of work.

Please use the following checklist as a guide to all the resources you have available at MTSU (faculty and staff).

Initial Setup Checklist

One of the first things once you join our college is the configuration of your work area, including your FSA login account, computer and phone system.

  • Computer Setup

    • The Human Resources department will provide you with your FSA login information. 
      Call ITD if you need more information.
    • After the new faculty/staff receive the FSA login information, please contact the JCB Lab to schedule the setup of your computer system.
    • The computer system comes with standard MTSU software, for additional software please contact JCB Lab for instructions.
    • All faculty/staff laptops must be encrypted per MTSU security policy.
    • Adobe account request
    • MTSU credentials are required to setup Outlook email and Skype for Business
  • Phone Setup

    • MTSU uses Skype for Business for phone services
    • The department must submit a request to the Information Technology Department to setup your phone
    • After the phone setup is completed, JCB Lab personnel will install the phone. Most of the time this could be accomplished at the same time as the computer setup
    • Faculty/staff must setup Voicemail
    • Please contact the JCB Lab for help setting up your cell phone to access MTSU email.
    • Skype for Business: JCB Lab personnel will provide a brief training in the use of the office phone 
  • Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) and Mobile Device Management

    • You will need MFA in order to login to most MTSU resources (D2L, PipelineMT, webmail, etc.)
    • Microsoft Authenticator setup (user must login to Office 365 portal)
    • Optionally: to access email in mobile devices, enroll in MTSU Mobile Device Management 
    • Check you mobile device status MS Manage Mobile Devices.
  • Remote Access (VPN)

  • Adobe Account Provisioning

    • Email ITD (Phil collins) to request Adobe account 
  • Departmental Printer Setup

    • Some departments have a shared printer/copier available for all their respective faculty/staff.

Teaching & Research Resources Checklist:

The following is a list of the most common teaching/research tools used by the Jones College of Business faculty/staff. 

  • D2L: All JCB instructors are expected to use Desire to Learn (D2L) for class management. 
    You must use your FSA credentials to login to D2L. 
    • D2L Training (CTAT): Instructors could schedule D2L training with the Center for Technologies and Training. D2L resources can be found in the ITD Service Portal.
    • One-on-One D2L Training: Instructors can schedule one-on-one training with our office. Please contact Carlos Coronel at x2359 for more information.
  • Faculty Directory: All full time faculty/staff should make sure your faculty online profile is updated. In order to do this, your FSA account must be activated. To create your profile, login to this page and enter all your information. After you do this, please contact Carlos Coronel at x2359 to assign your profile to the correct department/unit.
  • Special web pages: Some unit has special web pages, for example Martin Chair of Insurance, Weatherford Chair of Finance. If you must manage special pages, or want to create a special group page, please contact Carlos Coronel at x2359 for further details.
  • The JCB Learning Community group within D2L provides an extensive list of resources available for teaching, learning and research, for example:
    • Use the JCB D2L Course Templates to customize your D2L class shell.
    • ADA Compliance materials and tutorials.
    • Information about official JCB Logos, stationary, PowerPoint templates, etc.
  • Shared Drives
    • S-Drive: Shared data with students in master BAS classrooms and labs.
    • T-Drive: Shared data within a given department.
    • V-Drive: Shared data by the Jones College of Business Dean's Office.
  • Office 365: faculty/staff and students can have access to Office 365, Bookings, OneDrive, Forms, etc.
  • Qualtrics (JCB instance): A research/survey management system available to all the JCB faculty, staff and students.
  • Grammarly. Grammarly for Education is available to all all Jones College of Business faculty, staff and students.  
  • WRDS Research Database: JCB faculty/staff/students can request access to this research database.
  • Linkedin Learning: MTSU faculty, staff and students can have access to thousand of free professional training modules. 
  • Panopto: JCB faculty can create lecture capture videos, screen captures, video recordings for class work (students).
  • Zoom: MTSU faculty can use Zoom for virtual conferencing. 
  • JCB Studio: JCB faculty can use our video recording studio for advanced green-screen recordings.
  • JCB One Button Studio +: An easy to use, automated video recording studio you can use! Coming soon!
  • MTSU Virtual Desktop (Citrix) for faculty/staff/students. Provides free access to MS Office 365 Windows version and a host of other applications to all users -  mainly for Mac users..
  • Student Response Systems: Make your classes is more interactive with:
    • TurningPoint clickers. Use clickers for anonymous responses only
    • MS Forms - Use a QR code in your PPT presentation. Students respond using cellphone (video)
    • Suggested: NearPod - free for faculty/students for up to 40 students & 100MB storage.
  • Kubi Robot: Allow anybody to remotely participate on any event (class, presentation, meeting) using our Kubi tele-presence robot.
  • Device Checkout: JCB faculty/staff/students can checkout laptops, iPads, webcams, microphones, etc.
  • Demo Labs: Need to use computers in your class? Just reserve one of our demo labs (E or F) for a class period.

Additional Support

Please contact the JCB Lab staff to request any additional training or answer any questions you may have.