Samsun SVP-6000The Samsung SVP-6000 is a digital Visual Presenter. This model requires the use of an Extron switch box. The switch box is located under the Visual Presenter, inside the Nova station desk. You will need to open the right hand door of the Nova station to access the switch box.

  1. To Show a PowerPoint Presentation
    1. Turn Computer On.
    2. Turn Projector On.
    3. Select COMPUTER (RGB1 or RGB2) on the projector remote control.
    4. Press 1 ( Computer) on the Extron box. 

      Extron Switch
  2. To Show a Document with the Visual Presenter
    1. Turn Computer On.
    2. Turn Projector On.
    3. Turn Visual Presenter On.
    4. Select COMPUTER (RGB1 or RGB2) on the projector remote control.
    5. Press 2 ( Presenter) on the Extron box. 

      Extron Switch
    6. Press " LAMP" on the Visual Presenter to turn on the side lamps. Press " LAMP" a second time to turn on the base lamp for transparencies. Press " LAMP" one more time to turn all lamps off. 

      SAMSUNG SVP-6000 buttons
    7. If the screen displays a " NO SYNC" message, press the " INT/EXT" button on the Visual Presenter unit. 
      Please wait at least 10 seconds after you press the button. 
      The image will appear in the computer monitor and the Projector screen .
  3. To Show a Video using the VCR.
    1. Turn VCR On.
    2. Turn Projector On.
    3. Insert Video in VCR and press PLAY.
    4. Make sure the the audio controls are properly set.
    5. Select Video on the Projector remote control.

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