College of Basic and Applied Sciences Chairs and Directors

The College of Basic and Applied Sciences consists of 9 departments and two schools. Administratively and organizationally there is no difference in a department and a school. Each is an administrative unit centered around one or more related disciplines. Each department has a Chair and each School has a Director. These individuals are leaders in their department and serve as the administrative and budget head of the unit. Information about the 11 budget heads in the college can be viewed by following the links below.

Chair: Dr. Chaminda Prelis 
office: BAS S211C
phone: 615-898-2788
fax: 615-898-8273
Director: Dr. Jessica Carter
office: SAG 100
phone: 615-898-2169
fax: 615-898-5169
Chair: Dr. Dennis Mullen
office: SCI 2044A 
phone: 615-898-2847
fax: 615-898-5093
office: SCI 3044A 
phone: 615-898-2958
fax: 615-898-5182
Chair:  Dr. Medha Sarkar
office: KOM 306
phone: 615-898-2397
fax: 615-898-5567
Director: Dr. Thomas Nicholas, II
office: SCCM 101D
phone: 615-904-8060
fax: 615-898-5296
Chair: Dr. Ken.Currie
office: VET 143
phone: 615-898-2776
fax: 615-898-5697
office: DSB 241
phone: 615-898-8019
fax: 615-898-5592
Interim Chair: Dr. Chris Stephens
office: KOM 223D
phone: 615-898-2669
fax: 615-898-5422
office: FH 0001
phone: 615-898-2470
fax: 615-898-2065
Chair: Dr. Ron Henderson
office: WPS 220A
phone: 615-898-2130

Director:  Dr. Gregory T. Rushton
office: 820 Fairview Ave
phone: 615-494-8738
fax: 615-413-5042
office: SCI 3123
center:  DSB 115
phone:  615-904-8253
fax: 615-898-5182