College of Basic and Applied Sciences Overview

State of the College Address
The State of the College Address begun in August 2001. The goal of the address is to make college faculty and staff aware of what other faculty and staff in the college accomplished the previous year. The data reflects a fiscal year July 1 to June 30. While the data will never be 100% accurate, it is the best data we have to define our accomplishments from the past year, and it gives us an opportunity, at the beginning of a new academic year, to reflect and set goals for the new year. It is also one of the few times the college meets as a group. The event normally takes place in the KUC theatre in August with a reception following.
 Click here to for the 2015 address.
Mission Statement
 Teaching and research in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) are central to the mission and success of Middle Tennessee State University. We will provide a transformative and experiential education to all MTSU students. The College will inspire, support, and mentor students, staff, and faculty to think critically and creatively, to confront challenges boldly, and to be ambitious. In implementing its mission, the College will:
1. Through a broad range of challenging undergraduate programs and distinctive graduate degrees we prepare students for leadership and successful careers in higher education positions as well as scientific and technical fields in industry, teaching, government, and health services;
2.  employ a diverse faculty community of exceptional teacher-scholars, nationally and internationally recognized for their teaching and research;
3.  use its resources to help address scientific, environmental, educational, and health-related challenges in the Middle Tennessee area, throughout the nation, and across the globe.
 Core Values  for CBAS
 The college has defined the following eight core values to define its success factors:
STUDENT-CENTERED: students are the focus of college priorities, resource decisions, and planning. We are stewards of student needs and advocates for student academic success and professional development.
Key Priorities for CBAS
Excellence in teaching, research, and service is our mission. A world-class faculty is central to realizing the vision of the college. This plan details the College's top priorities and supports the achievement of the highest level of success in the following 5 key areas.
1. Recruit, support, retain develop a diverse, aspiring and engaged faculty;
2.  Promote and enhance the profile of our research and scholarship;
3.  Deliver an outstanding undergraduate education with emphasis on "hands on" experiences, student research opportunities and international experiences all leading to student success;
4.  Develop and support acclaimed graduate programs in fields of national and international demand; and
5.  Nurture multifaceted partnerships with an enduring, positive impact on the community
For a detailed copy of the Strategic plan click here.