Welcome from the College of Basic and Applied Sciences Dean

Dean Van Patten

       I am very pleased to welcome you to the College of Basic and Applied Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University where you will establish the intellectual framework for your future. The College, commonly known as CBAS, offers classes to every undergraduate at the University as part of its general education curriculum and also offers a wide range of majors in both the basic and applied sciences. From the study of the atom and the simplest forms of life to the creation of devices and new technologies that will drive the nation's productivity and ultimately improve our quality of life, CBAS offers more than 80 undergraduate and graduate degrees, from the bachelor’s to the doctorate.

All this is possible through 10 academic departments that employ over 220 full-time faculty to deliver innovative curricula and instruction to more than 5,000 science majors every year.  This work results in the conferral of almost 1,000 new degrees each year. CBAS graduates enjoy competitive placement into jobs, into graduate schools, and into professional schools, and they find themselves working as engineers, educators, surgeons, scientists, programmers, business leaders, government officials, and in many other careers. We are committed to continual updating of our curricula and to the development of new programs that will continue to give our future alumni a competitive edge.

Your coursework combined with the experiential learning opportunities available in CBAS will provide you with the tools you need for professional success. The availability of numerous hands-on learning opportunities is a key advantage of MTSU and particularly a CBAS education. CBAS offers experiential learning for everyone, including study abroad, job shadowing, internship, field study, undergraduate research, clubs, and student teams that compete at the intercollegiate level. Students who engage in these activities see rewards that last a lifetime.

What really makes CBAS special is the academic preparation of its faculty. Our faculty is filled with scholars who are recognized as leading thinkers in their fields. The CBAS faculty attracts millions of dollars in external research funding each year, and in so doing has set the pace in the university’s progression to a “Doctoral, High Research Activity” institution under the Carnegie classification. While our faculty are nationally-prominent scholars, they are also dedicated to the educational mission of the University. They are committed to serving our students and to teaching within a framework of high academic standards.

Please take a moment to explore further the exciting opportunities available to you and to view the remarkable accomplishments of those who make their academic homes in this College.  On behalf of the entire College, I invite you to come and visit our campus. Please feel free to contact us by email, basdean@mtsu.edu, or call us at 615-898-2613. If you are interested in joining us as either as a freshman or a transfer student, you can reach the MTSU Admissions Office at 1-800-331-MTSU.

With my very best wishes for your success,

Dr. Greg Van Patten

Professor and Dean