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What is MTSU History All About?

We create, preserve, and disseminate historical knowledge to produce conscientious and logic-driven thinkers, workers, and voters.

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What Can You Do With A History Degree?

Just ask our current alumni, who hold jobs as university professors, archivists, museum directors and curators, attorneys, school principals, software engineers, park rangers, COOs, college presidents, small business owners, athletic directors, consultants, analysts, managers, teachers, bankers, sales reps, and even an eSports franchise owner.

Yes, you can do anything with a History degree! Its versatility comes from the real-world skills we instill in our students: how to analyze and evaluate data from multiple sources, how to formulate and test hypotheses, how to empathize and work well with others, and how to communicate persuasively. These skills are the key to moving up the ladder in any profession.

How We Help Our Students

Study Abroad Programs

MTSU History students have the opportunity to travel the world. Our professors have taken students to Senegal, Italy, Scotland, Vietnam, and Ireland (among other places). Our Department also has a formal exchange program with Northumbria University in the United Kingdom. Students earn between 3 and 15 hours of credit through these programs and gain an experience of a lifetime.


The Department offers numerous scholarships to its majors and minors, as well as to majors in MTSU’s Africana Studies program. Please visit our list of scholarships and emergency funding to see if you qualify.


Internships offer students the chance to gain valuable experience while earning college credit. Since there are so many things students can do with a history degree, we offer a wide variety of internships, including at historical sites and archives, the Center for Chinese Music and Culture, and the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce (among many others).

Degrees We Offer

Four undergraduate degree programs:

  • B.A. in History
  • B.A. in History with teacher licensure*
  • B.S. in History
  • B.S. in History with teacher licensure*

The Department is also a coordinating partner with MTSU’s Africana Studies Program, which teaches the history and culture of people of African descent throughout the diaspora, race relations, and socio-economic/political institutions. Both the B.A. and B.S. degrees are offered through this first-in-state program.

*The teacher licensure program, in coordination with the MTSU College of Education, allows students to earn a Tennessee license to teach history in grades 6-12.

Four graduate degree programs:

  • M.A. in History
  • M.A. in History with concentration in Public History
  • M.A. in History with concentration in History Education
  • *Ph.D. in Public History*

*Public History focuses on public engagement with the past, in spaces such as National Parks, museums, archives, and community programs (just to name a few). MTSU was one of the first universities to offer a public history program and is a nationally-recognized leader in the field.

What Kind of Classes Can I Take?

Thanks to a large faculty with diverse expertise, students can take classes in almost every time period and region. We offer classes from Ancient China and Egypt to the Soviet Union and the American South. Students can also take classes in cultural, religious, military, and digital history. Whatever your interests, we probably have a class perfect for you! We also offer guided readings and special projects classes where you can work one-on-one with a professor to take a deep dive into the history you love. 

Check out the course catalog to explore all the courses we offer!

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