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Summer 2016

Dakota Elliott

Park City Museum in Park City, Utah

During the summer of 2016, Dakota Elliott served as a collections intern at the Park City Museum in Park City, Utah. She was responsible for researching, cataloging, handling, photographing, and housing items within the collection. Dakota spent the majority of her summer processing a large donation that included objects, photographs, and archival documents. In addition, she wrote two articles for the local newspaper, surveyed visitors at the museum’s Historic Home Tour, and assisted with the installation and deinstallation of the “House and Home” traveling exhibit.

Summer 2015

Kathryn Slover

Old Orange County Courthouse, Santa Ana, California

internshipKathryn Slover completed her internship at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, California. The Old Courthouse is one of several historic locations run by the Orange County Parks Department. The Courthouse is home to county offices, a library, an exhibit hall, and one of the original courtrooms. Her internship included working on the digitization of the Geivet photo collection using PastPerfect, developing an online management plan for the collection, organizing and inventorying storage lockers, writing an exhibit outline on the post-World War II suburbanization of Orange County, and selecting artifacts and photographs for the exhibit. She went to several different archives and historical societies in the county to complete research.

Bradley Boshers

Metropolitan Government Archives, Nashville, Tennessee

internshipIn the summer of 2015 Bradley Boshers had the opportunity to intern with the Metropolitan Government Archives, the official archival repository for Nashville and Davidson County and a division of the Nashville Public Library. He served as the processing intern for Metro Archives, and worked on processing the Nashville Public Library collection. The Nashville Public Library collection is a rich record of library operations stretching from the late 1800’s to 1999. Although stored in the archive, this collection was previously inaccessible and lacked any sort of finding aid. This summer he worked to catalog the contents of the collection, put it into an arrangement, and document the contents and arrangement in a finding aid. During this process, he also spent time learning and practicing archival conservation techniques.

Lindsay Hagar

John Hope & Aurelia Franklin Library, Fisk University,  Nashville, Tennessee

intern 2015Lindsay Hager interned at John H. and Aurelia Franklin Library’s Special Collections Department and the Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The current Franklin library building, opened in 1970, is across the lawn from Cravath Hall, which was home to Fisk’s library from 1930 to 1970. As part of Fisk University, the library contains an extensive collection of resources related to African American and Fisk history that draw researchers from around the world. Lindsay’s work fell into four main categories: remote reference, research assistance, technical services, and archival processing. At Scarritt Bennett Center, a non-profit dedicated to continuing the social justice mission of Scarritt College (1924-1988), she helped get the Racial Justice Oral History Project started, focusing on best practices and equipment recommendations, completing background research, and conducting interviews.

Ashley Cole

Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee

internship photoAshley Cole worked in the Conservation Lab at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, and Carol Roberts, State Conservator, served as her mentor. She learned the basics of conservation, including proper care and handling, proper storage, conservation techniques, and archival environmental considerations for a variety of materials. Although she spent the bulk of her time on paper conservation of 200+ year-old land grants form Record Group 50, she was also exposed to other archival materials, such as photographic negatives and prints, books and scrapbooks, as well as three-dimensional objects. Rather than restoring a document to what it once was, the lab’s goal is to prevent further damage. Therefore, proper storage, environmental controls, and handling procedures prevent further deterioration, are important aspects of the conservation lab’s work at TSLA. During her time in the Conservation Lab, she gained a working knowledge of various preservation skills, including de-acidification of paper, document mending, building custom-fitted boxes, encapsulation, tape removal, and glass plate negative cleaning. Overall, the internship was a useful experience for learning the appropriate ways to maintain and care for archival materials.

Dixie Johnson

Frist Visual Arts Center, Nashville, Tennessee

johnson internshipDixie Johnson completed 300 hours as an intern in the Education and Community Outreach department of the Frist Visual Arts Center of Nashville, Tennessee. She worked closely with her two mentors to develop educational materials and resources, conduct in-depth exhibit research for interpretive programming, and assist with partnership building. Her internship at the Frist helped her better understand the nonprofit world, the Frist’s role as a community leader, and the importance of cooperation and synergy between community partners. During this valuable, hands-on experience, she was able to hone and acquire knowledge and skills that will be an incredible asset as she continues her studies in the Public History field.

Veronica Sales

Montana Preservation Alliance, Helena, Montana

sales internship 2015Veronica Sales interned at the Montana Preservation Alliance in Helena, Montana, in the summer of 2015. During her internship with this small non-profit, Sales worked on the Big Sky Schoolhouse Survey Project, MPA’s statewide survey of historic one- and two-room schoolhouses. Sales was responsible for locating and documenting schools in Beaverhead County, the largest county in the state. She researched all of this county’s historic schools (approximately 75) using primary and secondary resources; determined which of these were still standing; photographed, measured, and mapped each school; wrote architectural descriptions; and entered this information into a comprehensive database. Sales drove hundreds of miles across the county and ultimately found 19 schools still standing. The work she did on this survey project will ultimately be used by MPA to raise awareness of these endangered structures and will be included in the state antiquities database. Sales was also fortunate to work with MPA’s director at Glacier National Park to do an inventory of historic resources along the original entrance to the park and along the Going-To-The-Sun Road.

Summer 2014

Melissa Hope

Dixon Pentecostal Research Center, Cleveland, Tennessee


Melissa Hope interned at the Dixon Pentecostal Research Center on the Lee University campus in Cleveland, Tennessee as the Project Director for the biennial permanent exhibition development. Her job was to design and produce a traveling and permanent exhibition. The exhibition would travel first for one week to Orlando, Florida and upon return to Tennessee be set up for a two year period. Melissa also planned the exhibit opening. As project director Melissa was responsible for the budget, creative design, narrative, research, production, public relations, all employees and volunteers and any other planning and execution.

Ellen Harper

Historic Travellers Rest Plantation and Museum, Nashville, TN


As a Collections Intern at Travellers Rest, her main project was organizing and cataloguing the Photograph/Digital Media Collection as well as creating a guidebook for this collection. She also cleaned and updated collections notebooks in the historic house, entered and edited PastPerfect collections records, organized and cleaned the collections library storage area, stored collections in acid-free storage, and assisted at the Visitor Center front desk. The purpose of her projects during this internship was to organize and store the collections in a way that was not only better for the preservation of the materials, but also in a way that allows easier access.

Evan Spencer

Rutherford County Archives, Murfreesboro, TN


Evan Spencer interned at the Rutherford County Archives in the summer of 2014. He continued the processing, digitizing, and describing of the Shacklett’s Historical Photographs Collection, which has over 30,000 photographs and negatives spanning over one hundred years of Middle Tennessee history. He also converted Rutherford County tax books to microfilm. 

Amanda Barry

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Washington, D.C. 


Amanda Barry did many things for her internship with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), but her chief responsibility was developing case studies for the Office of Preservation Initiatives (OPI) highlighting preservation efforts of underrepresented Preserve America communities and Preserve America grant recipients. These case studies were designed to be handouts for the ACHP to distribute at various functions and will eventually contribute to the web series portion of “Building a More Inclusive Preservation Program.” She also worked with the Preserve America database as well as basic organizing and filing of ACHP documents. She worked closely with OPI Director Ron Anzalone and Preserve America coordinator Judy Rodenstein to develop a public-friendly platform to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. She was afforded many extra opportunities while interning for the Council including attending a Section 106 Training Seminar, the Congressional Summit on Travel and Tourism, a Partners in Heritage Tourism meeting, the National Park Service internship orientation, and the Council’s Summer Business Meeting in Philadelphia. 

Thomas Anderson

Red Clay State Historical Park, Cleveland, Tennessee


Thomas Anderson interned at Red Clay State Historical Park in Cleveland Tennessee as a Seasonal Interpretive Ranger. As an Interpretive Ranger he was responsible for providing interpretive programs. Seasonal Interpretive Rangers are given the freedom to follow their interests in creating public programs as long as the programs meet the mission of the park. He also assisted park rangers in the protection of the natural or cultural features. Additional duties included general administrative responsibilities, writing reports, maintaining records, executing work assignments, and inspecting and maintaining buildings, grounds and equipment. He also worked with volunteers for special events or projects; often this included having to calling potential volunteers or advertising at the park.

Olivia Beaudry

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennessee

Olivia Beaudry’s internship experience at the Grand Ole Opry was a great hands-on experience that bolstered not only her archival knowledge and skills but also her area of interest and study in country music history. The title given to her was Museum Archive Intern and she worked directly under the Grand Ole Opry Museum and Photograph Curator, Brenda Colladay. The internship included duties such as cataloging, documenting and organizing the various artifacts in the Ryman Auditorium Collection. She also assisted in moving some of the three-dimensional collections to a new location and assisted with the digital and physical photograph collection. Skills gained included: proficiency in PastPerfect; an ability to organize collections based on a preexisting system; and strengthened photography handling skills.

Lane Tilner

John Early Museum Magnet Middle Prep, Nashville, Tennessee


Lane Tillner interned with John Early Museum Magnet Middle Prep in Nashville, TN. She reorganized accession records, identified artifacts, matched records to artifacts, and restructured artifact storage. She also mentored the Junior Curators Club and led the members through different activities each week. In addition, Tillner also selected one hundred and fifty objects for JEMMMP’s first exhibit when its museum opens in Fall 2015. John Early Museum Magnet Middle Prep is one of two museum magnet schools in Nashville. Museum magnet schools incorporate museum theory and practices in classroom learning.

Brad Miller

Land Trust for Tennessee's Glen Leven Farm, Nashville, Tennessee


Brad Miller interned at the Land Trust for Tennessee’s Glen Leven Farm in Nashville, Tennessee. He developed a walking tour to highlight the property’s status as a designated arboretum and researched the enslaved population that lived and worked at Glen Leven. Daily responsibilities on the farm ranged from researching on the computer, answering questions for Land Trust guests, and caring for the plants and animals on the 65-acre farm. The internship also exposed Miller to the inter-workings of a non-profit organization and the interesting balance between historic preservation and land conservation.

Lindsey Whitley

Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


At The Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History Lindsey Whitley cataloged over 1000 artifacts. She accessioned the artifacts by giving each a designated accession or loan number, provided an item description; enter all relevant information, height, width, weight, and weight along with a photograph the object. She provided electronic (PastPerfect) and paper copies of each artifact. She created a location file to ensure each artifact has a proper space (once the layout of each artifact is determined). She also created an annual fundraising kid-friendly event, NaturALE Festival, which promotes beer and history by bringing the community together. With her team, she created a network of people in the media, county, city, the university, The Gem and Mineral Society and other members. They promoted the museum through social media and she assisted with maintaining updates.

Ashley Layhew

Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, Tennessee


Ashley Layhew’s internship was completed at the Tennessee State Museum, in the curatorial department. She worked with Dr. Miranda Fraley-Rhodes, the Manager of Curatorial Interpretive Planning. During her time there, she worked to number, catalog, photograph, and pack items for housing, as well as rehouse items that were already taken into the collection. She did this as part of the Save America’s Treasures Grant. In August, she began to prepare the State Museum’s exhibit for the Chattanooga Sesquicentennial in October 2013.

Matt Norwood

Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame Archives, Murfreesboro, TN


The Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame Archives internship required the processing of collections, the development of finding aids, and maintaining archival material. The internship was grant-driven, meaning that money was spent as the internship was conducted. Part of this internship also involved creating a work order for archival supplies, such as photo sleeves, folders, and boxes. The main responsibilities of this internship were to complete three manuscript collections, process and arrange a book collection, and digitize photographs. This archive is a new campus-based institution located in MTSU Aerospace Department that is still attempting to “get off its feet.” A mission statement and collections development policy is still being revised, and new exhibits are being created.

Susan London-Sherer

Rutherford County Archaeology Research Project, Eagleville, Tennessee 


This accredited archaeological field school internship was conducted at the Magnolia Valley site, a 370-acre horse farm. Susan London-Sherer’s responsibilities were twofold, and included historic document archival research along with mastering archaeological excavation techniques in order to achieve certification for seven weeks of field school when the project was complete. Some of the jobs she did included: deed research, genealogical research, and census information research, shovel testing, screening soil for artifacts, identifying artifacts, strategically digging excavation units, mapping excavation units, field drawings, recording field data, identifying soil color and texture, land survey practices, laying out an excavation grid, shoveling techniques, troweling, photographing excavation units, and remote sensing or near-surface applied geophysics techniques like Magnetometry (MAG), electromagnetic-induction (EMI), and ground penetrating radar.

David Collyer 

Stones River National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN


David Collyer interned at Stones River National Battlefield. During this internship, Collyer spent time working in the Visitor’s Center. He did things such as help people walk on the same grounds their ancestors fought on, create personalized programs, and give interpretative tours of the grounds. In addition to the visitor interaction, Collyer also spent time working with the extensive collection at Stones River. He accessioned and cataloged artifacts, worked on the annual inventory and helped design an exhibit panel. 

Summer 2013

Aja Bain

Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY

Bain Internship Photo

Aja Bain worked with the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort as a Digitization Coordination Intern with the Churchill Weavers Collection. Her job included cataloging, photographing, processing, and publicizing the Churchill Weavers fabric archive that is so unique and important to twentieth-century Kentucky history. Bain learned a lot about the effort that goes into preserving a museum collection, and insights into the workings of a multi-departmental state historical institution.

Mike Browning

Stones River National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

Browning Internship Photo

Mike Browning interned at Stones River National Battlefield under the mentorship of Park Ranger Jim Lewis. During the internship, Browning produced 17 videos for Stones River to be posted to the National Park Service (NPS) Facebook page on the 150th anniversary of Stones River as well as other interpretative and living history programs throughout the spring and summer of 2013. Browning's internship included shadowing rangers on interpretative programs as well as developing his own interpretative story to deliver to visitors. He told the story of Albert Ellis, a 111th USCT soldier who helped re-inter Union soldiers in the Stones River National Cemetery in 1866, according to Freedman's Bureau records.

Joseph Bryan

Virginia Museum of Transportation, Roanoke, VA

Bryan Internship Photo

Joseph Bryan interned at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, Virginia. He worked in the collections department with curator Deena Sasser as his advisor. Bryan's main project consisted of cataloging the museum's collection into the PastPerfect computer software. Most of the collection had never been cataloged making it a great introduction to collections management. Bryan also assisted the other departments with projects including grant writing, social media management, marketing, public relations, special events, and daily operations.

Alex Collins

Stones River National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

Collins Internship Photo

Alex Collins worked with park staff to manage the museum collection, historic landscapes, answer research requests, and learn how cultural resources management aids interpretation at the park. Some of her responsibilities included collecting environmental data and performing housekeeping tasks in the museum collection and exhibits, improving the appearance and condition of cultural landscapes by managing exotic plants, developing and giving an interpretive program, designing a temporary exhibit panel, and conducting archival management. Collins' duties were primarily divided between natural resources management, the museum, and visitor services and interpretation.

Candace Cupps

Rutherford County Archives, Murfreesboro, TN

Cupps Internship Photo

Candace Cupps' responsibilities for her internship consisted of scanning historic photographs, preserving photographs, and organizing pictures in the archive data base. Her primary projects were the Health Department Collection and the Shacklett Collection. She also learned the ins and outs of the Rutherford County Archives from answering the phone to helping genealogists with research.

Michelle Gauthier

Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY

Gauthier Internship Photo

Michelle Gauthier developed and implemented a virtual exhibit to be uploaded onto the NPS Web Catalog, which involved photographing 50 artifacts from the Park's archaeological collection. She also presented an informal "Curator's Corner" to the public in which she discussed her project with visitors and shared with them her research on the artifacts. Summer in Seneca Falls provided Gauthier with opportunities to learn about the area's history, archaeology, and material culture.

Savannah Grandey

Land Trust for Tennessee's Glen Leven Farm, Nashville, TN

Grandey Internship Photo

Savannah Grandey spent the majority of her internship developing educational programs to meet Tennessee state standards that depict Glen Leven Farm as a dynamic local landscape that conveys broad trends of national and regional significance. Glen Leven has an antebellum home and its outbuildings on 65-acres, most of which is wilderness. These facilities allows for the use of the landscape as an outdoor classroom. Her internship experience exposed Grandey to the incidence of historic preservation goals and objectives within a conservation agency, a perpetual balancing act.

Elaura Highfield

Monticello, Charlottesville, VA

Highfield Internship Photo

Elaura Highfield interned at Monticello in the Education and Visitor Programs Department. Her weeks were divided between tours and research. She gave guided tours of the first floor of Jefferson's house and also gave Family Friendly Tours. For her individual project, Highfield researched Charlottesville's local and regional families so that Monticello could address this group's unique needs and better invest in this facet of the community. Although she developed many new skills through this position, she most valued it for improving her ability to engage with the public and foster historical discussion.

Mark Mullen

Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington D.C.

Mullen Internship Photo

Mark Mullen did a ten week long internship at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Funding was provided through the Access to Opportunities Program which provides paid internships for individuals with disabilities. Under the direction of Dr. Katherine Ott in the division of science and medicine and Roger White in the division of work and industry, Mullen began a project documenting the history of automobiles modified for drivers with disabilities. He compiled an extensive digital and hard copy file which was added to the NMAH's automotive library for preservation and the use of current and future researchers. A collection plan was also developed to acquire artifacts for future exhibits.

Jennifer E. Ray

Murfreesboro Little Theater, Murfreesboro, TN

Ray Internship Photo

Jennifer E. Ray internship at the Murfreesboro Little Theater consisted of creating a digital archive of the theater's memorabilia included photographs, play bills, cast and crew correspondence, and newspaper articles. The intent of the digitization was to create an online digital archive accessible to visitors as well as implement a greater degree of cooperation between past and current members for the purpose of expanding the archive. During her internship, she worked closely with council members as well as the general public to compile a thorough digital history of the Murfreesboro Little Theater and its association with the city of Murfreesboro.

Holly Rogers

Chickamauga Battlefield, Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Rogers Internship Photo

Holly Rogers interned with Chickamauga Battlefield, a part of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, and the Friends of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. She digitized regimental files while garnering a better understanding of the National Park Service and how it functioned. Rogers also assisted in orienting visitors to Chickamauga Battlefield. The Friends of the Park is a nonprofit organization that she assisted in constructing a list of past board members and entering donations into their database. She assisted both organizations in planning for the Sesquicentennial Events occurring in the fall of 2013 for Chickamauga and Chattanooga's Civil War Battles.

Beth Rouse

Stones River National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

Rouse Internship Photo

Beth Rouse worked at Stones River National Battlefield as an interpretation intern. Her duties included working in visitors' services, giving programs, and developing an informative component for the battlefield driving tour. She spent a great deal of time in the Visitors' Center giving information, answering questions, and interacting with the public. She also developed a smartphone component for one stop of the battlefield driving tour that will enable the visitor to scan a code and access additional information for that particular stop.

Kayla Utendorf

Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections, University of Toledom, Toledo, OH

Utendorf Internship Photo

Kayla Utendorf worked at the Canaday Center which is a part of the William S. Carlson Library. The Canaday Center houses rare books, manuscript collections, and the University archives. Uterndorf was involved with several projects during the summer. Her first task was to process a collection consisting of the papers of a student who attended the university in the 1930s and create a finding aid to be published on the Center's website. Her biggest project was to assist with the compiling of the "Letters of Luminaries" exhibit which the Center will be installed in the fall of 2013.

Danielle Ullrich

Tennessee State Museum

Ullrich Internship Photo

Danielle Ullrich interned at the Tennessee State Museum in the Curator of Extension services. She was able to experience how a large museum runs first hand, and was able to handle some exciting objects. She assisted in moving three traveling exhibits across Middle Tennessee, helped the Curator prepare for two collections management workshops, and cataloged a collection of 47 images of Confederate cavalrymen. Ullrich thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learned a great deal working alongside her mentor at the museum, Myers Brown.

Summer 2012

Jaryn Abdallah

President James K. Polk Ancestral Home, St, Columbia, TN

Jaryn Abdallah worked with Curator Tom Price to develop the exhibition "Sarah Polk, First Lady of Style," which opened on October 4, 2012 and ran through March 31, 2013. She developed curriculum materials for 4th and 8th grade classrooms, created interactive exhibit components, and assisted in writing, planning, and installing the exhibition. Abdallah enjoyed having the opportunity to participate in creating an exhibit which was a great learning experience.

Lauren Baud

Fort Negley/Metro Nashville Parks and Recreation, Nashville, TN

Lauren Baud's internship included conducting and transcribing oral histories and developing and implementing an exhibit. She also greeted visitors, guided tours, opened and closed the visitors center at the site, updated and managed the site's facebook page, and participated in events planning and advisory committees. She also learned more about managing a cultural resource and what processes go into care for outdoor structures in a cultural landscape. Working on the oral history project, Baud also learned more about community outreach and the joys and difficulties that come along with it.

Cassandra Bennett

McKenzie Historic Preservation Commission, McKenzie, TN

Cassandra Bennett's major work products for this internship included an architectural survey of 100+ buildings in the downtown district, drafting architectural descriptions for surveyed buildings, and completing a draft of a heritage development plan for a 1941 movie theatre. She also conducted research relevant to projects for the Commission and gave community presentations. She worked closely with the regional historic preservation planner.

Mason Christensen

Keweenaw National Historical Park, Calumet, MI

Mason Christensen's primarily researched and cataloged objects into the National Park Service's Re:Discovery ICMS collections management software. Occasionally, Christensen cleaned cataloged objects and secured objects with loose parts. The objects that were cataloged were most often associated with the Calumet and Hecla Copper Mining Company.

Sara Beth Gideon

Travellers Rest Plantation and Museum, Nashville, TN

Sara Beth Gideon working closely with curator Brian Allison. She organized and catalogued parts of the collection, researched and designed an exhibit, and assisted during events and tours. I also spent time helping education coordinator during the Junior Docent summer camp, where Gideon planned an exhibit design activity for the campers. Interning at Travellers Rest gave her the opportunity to see the time and effort involved in running a small museum.

Rachel Knapp

Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH

Rachel Knapp worked with the Discovery Center, creating new programs, activities, and an exhibit. She researched extensively for the new programs, looking at the overall price, break down of costs, time of implementation, space needed, and workforce needed. She learned how to create an exhibit from idea to creation. Knapp also learned about the importance of budget management and how to create new programs that are not financial burden the museum.

Rachel McCreery

Stones River National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

Rachel McCreery learned a great deal working at the Battlefield. The best skill she acquired and worked on was public speaking, and crafting and giving interpretive programs. McCreery was able to work with the public a great deal, and learn good customer service skills. Her research skills were developed further as she utilized the park library and resources to find men who fought in the battles when visitors enquired.

Jessica Reeves

Chief Plenty Coups State Park, Pryor, MT

Jessica Reeves internship duties included: work on updating the Park's collection information in Past Perfect software, and accessioning incoming documents, photographs, and artifacts. She also worked on updating the park's Emergency Response plan and on implementing collections based programs for the Park.

Rebecca Robinson

Historic London Town and Gardens, Annapolis, MD

Rebecca Robinson's internship at Historic London Town and Gardens focused on two particular projects: processing oral histories from the Almshouse Oral History Project and researching the lives of almshouse residents and employees. Throughout the summer, she participated in other aspects of Historic London Town, including special events, symposiums, and professional fieldtrips.

Amanda Schaffer

Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, Brooklyn Arts Council

While with GVSHP Schaffer helped to complete their innovative Building Blocks website, assisted with a number of their events and public programs, and was the sole intern to assist with research for the organization's historic building plaque project. While working with the Brooklyn Arts Council Schaffer was an intern for Dr. Kay Turner, the Folk Arts Director at BAC. Under Kay, she did a lot of research to flesh out the spring 2013, program HarborLore: Where the River Meets the Sea in Brooklyn's Folk Imagination.

Rachel Smith

Heritage Communications Department of the Coca-Cola Company

While working at the Heritage Communications Department of the Coca-Cola Company, Rachel Smith appraised records for retention, processed and described the collection of Odwalla brand materials. She also provided historical context for an inter group business proposal. This internship provided her with exposure to corporate archives and to bring a historian's perspective to business issues.

David Sprouse

Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville, TN

The primary internship assignment David Sprouse had was the creation of a disaster plan and a five- year strategic plan for the Ducktown Basin Museum, which is located at the former Burra Burra Copper Mine in Ducktown, Tennessee. His internship work also involved researching and writing text for seven interpretive markers and the production of floor plans for a number of historic structures on the site.

Julie Warwick

STG Design, Nashville, TN

Julie Warwick worked for STG Design which is a commercial architecture firm that works on a wide range of projects from new construction to remodels and adaptive reuse. Work includes drafting construction documents, interior finishes, site inspection, and administration. Warwick worked on measuring and recording square footage of existing office building spaces, sampling of interior finishes, and architectural administration with some work in adaptive reuse.

Jessica White

Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville, TN

While at the Commission Jessica White worked under the supervision of Martha Akins, Director of Historic Sites. She was assigned three projects while at the Commission. Her projects included: a Historic Structures Report (HSR) for Sabine Hill located in Elizabethton, TN; an exhibit design at the Wynnewood Historic Site Museum located in Castalian Springs, TN; and a National Register Nomination for Hawthorne Hill located in Castalian Springs, TN. Through this internship White was able to greatly expand her repertoire with a myriad of new skill sets, and build my resume with working experience.

Jon Wright

Stones River National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

Jon Wright worked in the Public History/ Interpretation Internship program at Stones River National Battlefield. He worked at the Visitors' Center, outside on the grounds of the park and cemetery, and did public programing events. Wright thought that the internship was a good experience and provided an excellent way to understand public history work in the National Park Service.

Summer 2011

Mona Brittingham

University of the South Archives and Special Collections, Sewanee, TN

Mona Brittingham's internship focused on application of archival practices. Her duties included the winnowing, cleaning, sorting, cataloguing, boxing, researching, and describing the professional documents of University of the South. It also included writing finding aids, describing archives, assisting researchers and visitors to the archives. Brittingham believes that being able to view selected items from the Special Collection for the purpose of learning curatorial practices further enhanced the educational value of her internship experience.

Ashley Brown

Historic York, Inc., York, PN

Ashley Brown's internship was to conduct a Historical Resource Inventory of Lancaster County's 14 boroughs. She also worked on other projects; such as historical research for a historic house tour, help put together an architectural brochure for York, and assisted with the organization for a nomination for a historic agricultural district.

Morgan Byrn

Jewish Museum of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

Morgan Byrn was the programming intern. She worked on establishing the Brews and Schmooze First Thursday Events for August through March for the Jewish Museum of Maryland. Byrn also gave tours and help with summer camps. One of the benefits of her internship was that she learned how to work with school groups within in a museum setting.

David Calease

Stones River National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

David Calease's internship at Stones Rives allowed him to do work with primary source documents of Civil War soldiers like letters and diaries. He then designed exhibit panels to display findings of research that he did for the Park.

Leslie Crouch

Don F. Pratt Museum, Ft. Campbell, KY

Leslie Crouch had a range of duties for her internship. She worked in collections management, exhibit development, as well as guiding tours. Crouch assisted with object donations to the museum, and processed, accessioned, and cataloged artifacts and documents. She researched, created, and installed an exhibit. Her internship also had her assisting with the installation of other displays, and beginning research on several other projects.

Kelsey Fields

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, Little Rock, AR

Kelsey Fields worked for the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program on a National Register survey. She also completed National Register nominations for districts and individual listings in the state. During her internship she attended grant, easement, and Main Street workshops.

Leigh Gardner

Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville, TN

For her internship, Leigh Gardner prepared a historic structures report for a historic site owned by the State of Tennessee, the Tipton-Haynes Historic Site in Johnson City, Tennessee. The report consisted of a history of the site, a conditions assessment, and maintenance recommendations. She was able to go on fieldwork trips to the sites she wrote reports for.

Dallas Hanbury

Rutherford County Archives, Murfreesboro, TN

Dallas Hanbury's internship at the Rutherford County Archives involved processing, cataloging, and scanning one of the largest collection of images at the repository; the Bill Shacklett/ H. O. Todd Collection. Bill Shacklett was a local photographer who documented the history of Rutherford County through photographs from the mid- 1930s to the early 1990s. The collection of his images deposited at the Rutherford County Archives numbers upwards of thirty-thousand images.

Amy Kostine

MTSU Center for Historic Preservation

During her internship, Amy Kostine worked with the MTSU Center for Historic Preservation, where she worked on several projects, including compiling a list of Trail of Tears sites on the Northern Route in Tennessee. This project was done in cooperation with a number of organizations including the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Charleston-Calhoun Historical Society, the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce, and the National Park Service.

Rachel Meredith

Nashville Metropolitan Government Archives, Nashville, TN

Rachel Meredith spent the majority of her internship at the Nashville Metropolitan Government Archives conserving documents by removing paper clips and staples, surface cleaning. She also gave the staff recommendations on better storage and handling techniques of the materials. Meredith also spend some time doing other duties such as reference and processing.

Rachel Morris

Center for Popular Music, Murfreesboro, TN

Rachel Morris began a retrospective conversion project of the 316 legacy finding aids of the Center's manuscript collections. She created a spreadsheet for surveying the existing elements of Encoded Archival Description (EAD) in the inventories and created a priority list of 60 finding aids to be updated first. The intern standardized the format and EAD categories of all finding aids and began updating inventories on the priority list, requiring further research and processing of collections.

Charles Nichols

Stones River National Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN

Charles Nichols interned as a museum operations intern. His internship responsibilities included researching, planning, and presenting an original program of at least 20-30 minutes in length. Other duties included catching up the backlog of digital images archives and helping perform three different annual inventories for the National Park Service. Nichols planned a web exhibit for the Park.

Kristen O'Hare

Grand Ole Opry Museum, Nashville, TN

Kristen O'Hare interned as the assistant to the Museum Curator. Duties included: cataloging, documenting, restoring, and organizing the artifacts in the collections that were damaged during the May 2010 Flood. She was involved in the move of the entire collection from one warehouse to another, which comprised almost a month of the summer internship.

Sean Urrutia

Drayton Hall

Sean Urrutia interned at Drayton Hall. His work focused on researching and documenting the intellectual landscape of 18th century Drayton Hall. This internship provided Urrutia a practical experiences to research and public programming.


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