Advisory Councils

The dean of the Honors College benefits from the counsel and advice of two important groups: the Honors Council and the Dean's Student Advisory Council. The president of the university appoints the Honors Council based upon Faculty Senate and Student Government Association input. Membership includes two active members of the Honors faculty from each of the following undergraduate colleges: Basic and Applied Sciences, Business, Education and Behavioral Science, Liberal Arts, and Media and Entertainment. Two Honors students, recommended by the SGA, also serve on the council. The group meets approximately once per month during the academic year to consider a range of issues and proposals important to the Honors College.

The Dean's Student Advisory Committee was established in 2005. Its purpose is to provide a forum in which Honors students can express their concerns, desires, and needs to the dean and the associate dean. The group generally meets about three times per year. Membership on the committee is by appointment of the dean.

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