Spring 2020 Honors Lecture Series

2020 Spring Lecture Series Flyer 

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Date Lecture Title/Event
January 27

Welcome and Introduction

Philip E. Phillips (Honors)

February 3

“There is a tomorrow”: Philosophical Reflections on the Climate Crisis

Phil Oliver (Philosophy)

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February 10

Are K–12 Educators Teaching about Climate Change?

Kim Sadler (Biology) and Cindi Smith-Walters (Biology)

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February 17

The Politics of Climate Change

Lawrence Harrington (Attorney)

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February 24

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Heat Exposure in a Warmer World

Alisa Hass (Geosciences)

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March 2

The Economics of Climate Change

Ennio Piano (Economics)

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March 16

Climate Rhetoric: Examining Genre Change in the UN Climate Report

Kate Pantelides (English)

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March 23


Climate Change through the Lens of Data Science

Ryan Otter (Biology)

March 30


Climate Change: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Science

John DiVincenzo (Chemistry)

April 6

Using Climatic and Cultural History to Understand El Niño’s Role in Ancient Peru

Daniel Sandweiss (Archeology and Climate Studies, University of Maine)

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April 13

A Biblical Approach to Climate Change

John R. Vile (Honors)

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April 20

National Fellowships and Scholarships

Laura Clippard (Honors)

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April 27


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