Student Handbooks

Department faculty and staff have compiled extensive information on degree programs and career planning in the handbooks below, along with tips for student success. We encourage students to review their relevant handbook (PS or IR) and refer to it often. Majors: always consult with your faculty adviser (within the department) and with your college adviser when making your academic plans, and please use DegreeWorks to review your progress toward degree completion.


Political Science Majors Student Handbook (2015 edition)*
Cover page for Handbook


International Relations Majors Student Handbook (2015 edition)*Cover page for Handbook


* Much of the content of these handbooks remains relevant, despite having been prepared several years ago. However, curricular information may be out of date. Please refer to updated information on course offerings and requirements using MTSU's online catalog.  Helpful hint: When making your academic plans, be sure to access the catalog that corresponds with the year of your initial enrollment.  

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