Welcome to MTSU SGA


SGA SealWelcome to the Middle Tennessee State University Student Government Association website. One of the greatest resources to students, traditional and non-traditional, at MTSU is the Student Government Association. The SGA serves as the official liaison between the student body and the administration. It is the official channel of communication for all students. Our job is to listen to the concerns of students and help make your college experience the best it can be. 

You should be able to find the information you want regarding the SGA here. The Student Government Association is working to bridge the gap between the student body and the SGA as well as demonstrating True Blue pride. As having the opportunity to be one of Middle Tennessee State University's finest we ask that you become more involved and take pride in your institution.

Every MTSU student is represented by the Student Government Association here on campus. We want you to make the changes that YOU want to see. You can do this through creating impactful legislation that will better our campus and community as well as directly engaging yourself in SGA events. There are many opportunities for you to do so. These opportunities include but are not limited to representing your college as a senator, being a Freshman Council Member, or acting as a contributor to one of our many committees. MTSU fosters such an engaging and inviting environment for all its students, and your time here will be much more beneficial if you take the time to find your place and get involved! Don’t hesitate to stop by the SGA office in the Student Union Building, room 306, and meet your 2021-22 SGA Executive Board Officers throughout the year. We would love to meet and connect with you!

Winton Cooper
Student Body President