What is a Petition?

A petition is a formal request signed by students to the Student Government Senate with respect to a cause or legislation. It is an avenue for students to directly place issues to the Student Government Association Senate for consideration.

Who can Petition the Student Government?

Any student of Middle Tennessee State University upon presentation of a petition signed by fifty (50) or more currently enrolled students at the University shall be allowed to introduce to the Senate the specific legislation called for in the petition.


One petition shall allow the introduction of only one piece of legislation. It is the responsibility of the petitioning student to present a copy of the legislation.

The signed petition must be presented to the Executive Vice President at least five (5) class days prior to the presentation of the petition to the Senate. Failure to present the petition to the Executive Vice President will delay consideration by the Senate.

Before going through the petition process, it is recommended that you seek out Senators who may write and present legislation on your behalf of your cause.