Senate Committees

There are five standing committees that meet during bi-weekly caucus meetings.

Committee Chairs are required to run the meetings of their respective committees. The chair is the moderator of debate to ensure all arguments are heard. Committee Chairs are responsible for assigning members of their committee to work on legislative ideas pertinent to the committee’s goals and develop them into future pieces of legislation and/or SGA initiatives.

External Affairs

External Affairs coordinates with the Philanthropic Coordinator to conduct student surveys and plan community service events. The goal of the committee is to better the image and enhance student knowledge of SGA. The committee assists in the organization and administration of SGA’s community service projects.

SGA logoKap Paull

Committee Chair

SGA logoSilas Freeze

Assistant Chair

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs works primarily with impeachment and absent procedures, as well as internal legislation pertaining to the Senate. The committee works to review and develop procedures that govern the internal operations of the Student Government Association. It is the role of the Internal Affairs committee to review all legislation for constitutionality and compliance with the bylaws. Also, the committee is responsible for determinizing the validity of student petitions to the Senate.

SGA logo

Ashton Beatty

Committee Chair

SGA logoTrinity Henderson

Assistant Chair 

Student Life

Student Life works closely with the Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of Campus Relations in planning/implementing student events and brainstorming ways to improve student life on campus. Student Life carefully considers matters dealing with non-academic and co-curricular items and issues. Also, Student Life works with the Executive Vice President on matters pertaining to Freshman Council where applicable.

SGA logoMya Gray

Committee Chair

SGA logoJessica Rogers

Assistant Chair

Public Relations

Public Relations works closely with the Vice President of Marketing to document SGA’s activity through photos and social media, as well as rebranding and educating students about SGA. The purpose of the committee is to better the relationships between SGA, students, faculty, and the wider community. The committee helps with promoting SGA sponsored events, including but not limited to, preparing press releases, submitting articles to Sidelines and creating flyers, posters and banners. Additionally, the committee may be involved with lobbying the State Legislature in matters that impact MTSU.

SGA logoTatiyana Muhammad

Committee Chair 

SGA logoZoe Spikner

Assistant Chair

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs works closely with the library, academic and course-related legislation. It is the goal of this committee to promote the best academic environment at MTSU, facilitate learning for the student body, and give students the flexibility to use the many resources at MTSU.

SGA logoZoe Haub

Committee Chair 

SGA logoLogan Mcvey

Assistant Chair