Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies

The Faculty Advisor for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies is:
Dr. Ida Fadzillah Leggett
Office: Todd Hall 317
Phone: 615-904-8275

Asian Studies Minor

Sociology and Anthropology 
Advisor: Ida Fadzillah Leggett

The Minor in Asian Studies is designed to provide students with a broad and flexible set of courses and requirements through which they can explore all aspects of Asia. The minor requires 18 credit hours to be chosen from the following list of course options. Up to 9 credits of this minor may come from pre-approved MTSU Study Abroad courses conducted in Asia. Directed readings, special topics, and internships in any pertinent department may be pursued with prior approval of the minor advisor; no more than 6 credit hours of these may be counted towards the minor.

Interdisciplinary Minors

Interdisciplinary minors require the student to complete a minimum of 15 to 21 hours from a list of specific courses. Unless otherwise noted, a student may take no more than 6 hours of courses from a single department until he or she surpasses the required minimum number of hours necessary for completing the minor. Exceptions to this rule may be found within the discussions of several of the minors. In most cases, a student is also limited to just 3 hours of credit toward the minor in the same department or discipline in which he or she is taking a major. Students must fulfill all departmental prerequisites for any course within an interdisciplinary minor. In some cases, advisors may approve course substitutions within these program requirements.

Course Options by Program (18 hours)

Choose 18 hours from the list below.

NOTE: An asterisk (*) indicates a language course with prerequisites.


  • ANTH 3509 - Peoples and Cultures of China and Japan

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ANTH 2010 recommended. The diverse peoples and cultures of China and Japan. Overview of East Asia as a region and contemporary issues and impacts resulting from globalization from an anthropological perspective.

  • ANTH 3510 - Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia

    3 credit hours

    The diverse peoples and cultures of Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, East Timor, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam). Histories, sociocultural systems, and contemporary issues and impacts resulting from globalization from an anthropological perspective.


  • CHIN 1010 - Elementary Chinese I

    3 credit hours

    Foundation course in reading, writing, speaking, and aural comprehension.

    TBC: Non-Written Communication

  • CHIN 1020 - Elementary Chinese II  3 credit hours  
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    CHIN 1020 - Elementary Chinese II

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: CHIN 1010 or advanced placement. Continuation of CHIN 1010.

    TBC: Non-Written Communication

  • CHIN 3050 - Introduction to Chinese Culture

    3 credit hours

    Offers both Chinese language and non-language students an introduction to Chinese culture and society focusing on key historical, social, and cultural topics essential to understanding modern China. Taught in English; no background knowledge of China or the Chinese language required.  


  • GEOG 3440 - Geography of Asia and Pacific Rim

    3 credit hours

    Inclusive geographic survey of sub-regions of Asia such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, and East Asia along with areas comprising the Pacific Rim. Focus on linkages and diversity within this geographic region specifically those dealing with culture, religion, politics, economies, resources, transnationalism, migrations, and globalization. Emphasis on Japan, China, India, and Pacific Rim.


  • HIST 4450 - Japan  3 credit hours  

    HIST 4450 - Japan

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Three hours of HIST 1010, HIST 1020, HIST 1110, or HIST 1120. Japanese history from the formation of the first Japanese political state to the country's emergence as a post-World War II economic superpower, focusing on the interconnection between cultural, economic, and political developments.

  • HIST 4460 - China  3 credit hours  

    HIST 4460 - China

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Three hours of HIST 1010, HIST 1020, HIST 1110, or HIST 1120. Chinese history from antiquity to the present People's Republic, stressing social history and the unique cultural features defining China's civilization.


  • HUM 3060 - Popular Culture of Japan

    3 credit hours

    Examines Japan's popular culture from early-to-mid twentieth century to the present. Taught in English.


  • JAPN 1010 - Elementary Japanese I

    3 credit hours

    A foundation in reading, writing, speaking, and aural comprehension.

    TBC: Non-Written Communication

  • JAPN 1020 - Elementary Japanese II  3 credit hours  
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    JAPN 1020 - Elementary Japanese II

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: JAPN 1010 or equivalent. A continuation of materials introduced in JAPN 1010.

    TBC: Non-Written Communication

  • JAPN 1040 - Intensive Elementary Japanese

    6 credit hours

    A foundation course in reading, writing, speaking, and aural comprehension. JAPN 1040 counts as combined credit for JAPN 1010 and JAPN 1020.

  • JAPN 4010 - Topics in Japanese Language and Culture

    3 credit hours

    Topics will vary and will be selected from specialized areas in Japanese language or culture. May be repeated for maximum 6 hours credit toward major.


  • MUEN 3760 - Chinese Music Ensemble  0 to 1 credit hour  

    MUEN 3760 - Chinese Music Ensemble

    0 to 1 credit hour

    Learning and performing Chinese musical instruments. (No audition required.)


  • PHIL 3200 - Asian Thought  3 credit hours  

    PHIL 3200 - Asian Thought

    3 credit hours

    The origins, development, essence, and implications of leading philosophical-religious traditions originating in Asia.

Political Science

  • PS 4310 - Comparative Asian Government

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: PS 1010 or permission of instructor. Comparative analysis of the governmental forms and practices of China, Japan, India, and other governments in the region.

  • PS 4325 - Chinese Politics  3 credit hours  

    PS 4325 - Chinese Politics

    3 credit hours

    Content structured into two sections: domestic and global. The first section examines the origin, development, and future prospects of China's economy and politics. The second section focuses on China's global impact by analyzing the nature, extent, and implications of China's power on the world stage. Students will assess China's global impact along four major dimensions-economic, political, security, and cultural.

Religious Studies

  • RS 4040 - Hinduism, Buddhism, and Asian Religions

    3 credit hours

    Explores historical and socio-cultural developments within Hinduism, Buddhism, and Asian religions, their relation to other religions, and interactions with broader cultural forces.

  • RS 4060 - Buddhism in Asian Cultures

    3 credit hours

    Presents a survey of historical and contemporary Buddhist traditions. Examines the rise and development of Buddhism throughout Asia in areas such as India, Southeast Asia, Tibet, and East Asia. Closely examines doctrines, rituals, ceremonies, and scriptures and compares key similarities and key differences among diverse Buddhist traditions such as Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Buddhism.

  • RS 4140 - Religions of Tibet  3 credit hours  

    RS 4140 - Religions of Tibet

    3 credit hours

    Examines magic, ritual, and religion in the context of Tibetan Societies. Religions covered will include Buddhism, Bön, Islam, and indigenous Himalayan tradition.

Study Abroad

  • MTSU signature programs in Asia up to 9 credit hours
    (Contact the Office of Education Abroad for a list of Asia-based programs.)