Interdisciplinary Minor in Native American Studies

The Faculty Advisor for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Native American Studies is:
Dr. Kevin Smith
Office: TODD 313
Phone: 615-898-5958

Native American Studies Minor

Sociology and Anthropology 
Advisor: Kevin E. Smith

The minor in Native American Studies draws upon the resources of art, English, geography and geology, history, and sociology and anthropology to provide a comprehensive examination of the prehistory, history, culture, literature, art, and contemporary issues of Native Americans. The minor in Native American Studies requires 18 credit hours, including 3 hours of required courses, and 15 hours of general electives from the list below.

Note:ANTH 4910, ART 3870, ART 4960, PGEO 4280, and UH 3500 (directed, independent study, or variable topics courses) cannot be applied towards this minor without prior approval of the minor advisor. No more than 3 hours of these courses may be applied towards the minor.

Interdisciplinary Minors

Interdisciplinary minors require the student to complete a minimum of 15 to 21 hours from a list of specific courses. Unless otherwise noted, a student may take no more than 6 hours of courses from a single department until he or she surpasses the required minimum number of hours necessary for completing the minor. Exceptions to this rule may be found within the discussions of several of the minors. In most cases, a student is also limited to just 3 hours of credit toward the minor in the same department or discipline in which he or she is taking a major. Students must fulfill all departmental prerequisites for any course within an interdisciplinary minor. In some cases, advisors may approve course substitutions within these program requirements.

Required Course (3 hours)


  • SOC 4240 - Race and Ethnic Relations

    3 credit hours

    (Same as AAS 4240 and AST 4240.) The dynamics of race and ethnic relations in the United States from a socio historic perspective.

Electives (15 hours)


  • ANTH 3515 - Peoples and Cultures of Native North America

    3 credit hours

    The diverse peoples and cultures of Native North America (often called American Indians or Native Americans). Histories, sociocultural systems, and contemporary issues and impacts resulting from globalization from an anthropological perspective.

  • ANTH 3520 - North American Prehistoric Archaeology

    3 credit hours

    A comprehensive presentation of archaeological findings concerning the initial settlement of North America some 20,000+ years ago; the origins, adaptations, and development of major North American cultural traditions through European contact and colonization; and the major theoretical contributions of North American archaeology.

  • ANTH 4910 - Anthropology Undergraduate Research

    1 to 6 credit hours

    Field experience or reading courses through which special interests or needs of the student may be pursued under individual supervision. No more than three hours may be used in the major. Arrangements must be made with an instructor prior to registration. EXL.

  • ART 3870 - Native American Art

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ART 1910 with C or better or permission of instructor. Survey of the arts of indigenous cultures of North America.

  • ART 4960 - Independent Studies in Art History

    1 to 3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Permission of department. Independent investigations into art history under the guidance of a member of the art history faculty. Topic(s) of investigation must be agreed upon by both student and faculty prior to registration. May not be repeated.  

  • ENGL 3300 - Native American Literature

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Completion of 1000- and 2000-level English requirements with a grade of C- or better. Introduces oral and written literature of native America in its cultural, historical, and aesthetic contexts, with special emphasis on fiction, poetry, and autobiography.

  • ENGL 4900 - Selected Topics in Literature and Language  3 credit hours  
    Native American Literature(Native American Literature)  dotslash:(Native American Literature) title:Native American Literature 
    (Native American Literature) 

    ENGL 4900 - Selected Topics in Literature and Language

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Completion of 1000- and 2000-level English requirements with a grade of C- or better. A selected author, genre, period, tradition, or context of literary or linguistic inquiry. The field will vary with instructor.

  • GEOG 4540 - Geography of Indigenous Peoples

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: junior standing. Historical and current examination of indigenous peoples from a geographic perspective including their locations(s), history, diffusion and migration, human/land relationships, cultural traits, and cultural landscapes. (Offered upon sufficient demand)

  • HIST 4690 - Native American and Indigenous History

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisites: Six hours of HIST 2010, HIST 2020, HIST 2030, HIST 2040, or HIST 2050. The history of Native American and Indigenous peoples of the Americans and beyond from ancient times to the present with emphasis on Native American and Indigenous contributions to world history.

  • PGEO 4280 - Special Topics and Problems in Physical Geography

    1 to 6 credit hours

    Prerequisite: Permission of department. Research participation or guided readings in a particular area or topic appropriate to the student's interest and professional objectives.

  • UH 3500 - Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ENGL 2020, ENGL 2020, or HUM 2610. (May be taken more than one time as topics change.) Introduces students to the political, social, economic, scientific, artistic, and/or humanistic aspects of culture, using an interdisciplinary approach. See class schedule for current semester's topic.