Criminology Minor

Criminology Minor

Sociology and Anthropology
Ugur Orak 

The Criminology minor offers students an understanding of the social and psychological aspects of crime, including an in-depth examination of the typologies and classifications of crime; national and international crime patterns; various classical and contemporary theories of crime; causal and associated factors such as gender, race, class, and age; an understanding of victims; and preventative strategies. The minor requires 15 semester hours.

Required Courses (6 Hours)


  • SOC 4300 - Criminology  3 credit hours  

    SOC 4300 - Criminology

    3 credit hours

    Theories of the causes of criminal behavior and coverage of its development and incidence; punishment and methods of control and rehabilitation.

  • SOC 4540 - Juvenile Delinquency

    3 credit hours

    Social factors related to delinquency including family, peer-group, school, and community. Includes juvenile justice system and its agents.

General Electives (9 Hours)


  • ANTH 3650 - Forensic Anthropology

    3 credit hours

    An intensive overview of forensic anthropology--an applied field of physical anthropology that seeks to recover, identify, and evaluate human skeletal remains within a medicolegal context. EXL.

  • ANTH 3710 - Topics in Anthropology  1 to 6 credit hours  
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    ANTH 3710 - Topics in Anthropology

    1 to 6 credit hours

    An in-depth study of a special topic which is significant in current anthropological literature.

  • CJA 3700 - Women, Crime, and Justice Administration

    3 credit hours

    Explores the experience of women in the criminal justice system as victims of violence and as criminal justice employees and prisoners. Focus on gender-based differences in the experience of criminal justice from historical, economic, and professional perspectives.

  • CJA 3900 - Organized Crime  3 credit hours  

    CJA 3900 - Organized Crime

    3 credit hours

    Explores emergent and historical treatments of organized crime, gangs, and related criminal groups with an emphasis on theoretical, etiological, and enforcement typologies. Analysis of the structure and inter-connectedness of organized crime and an understanding of the businesses associated with traditional and nontraditional organized crime groups.

  • PSY 4120 - Psychology of Criminal Behavior

    3 credit hours

    Survey of theory and research pertaining to criminal behavior, covering topics such as mental illness and crime, criminal homicide, assault, and sex offenses.

  • PSY 4220 - Correctional Psychology

    3 credit hours

    Legal, law enforcement, delinquency, and criminal psychology, including psychological evaluation, classification, therapy, and rehabilitation. Special classifications. Field problems. Preventive implications.

  • SOC 3210 - Drugs in Society  3 credit hours  

    SOC 3210 - Drugs in Society

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: SOC 1010, SOC 2010, or permission of instructor. Sociological, historical, political-economic, and cultural dimensions of drugs and alcohol in society.

  • SOC 3250 - Social Deviance  3 credit hours  

    SOC 3250 - Social Deviance

    3 credit hours

    A general survey and theoretical review of the definitions, causes, and consequences of deviance and social control. Analyzes drugs, panics, sex, media violence, and emotions in society.

  • SOC 4140 - Violence in the Family

    3 credit hours

    (Same as CDFS 4140.) The causes, dynamics, and consequences of violence in the family. Includes a discussion of violence toward children, spouses, dating partners, siblings, and elders. Emphasizes the social conditions that lead to these types of violence.

  • SOC 4150 - Topics in Sociology  3 credit hours  
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    (with approval of advisor) 

    SOC 4150 - Topics in Sociology

    3 credit hours

    An in-depth study of a special topic which is significant in current sociological literature.

  • SOC 4160 - Sociology of Gangs

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: SOC 1010. History of gangs in the United States, the factors that account for their formation and perpetuation, and current empirical data on gang composition, demographics, and culture. Policy strategies for prevention, law enforcement, and nonlegal intervention assessed.

  • SOC 4650 - Sociology of Law  3 credit hours  

    SOC 4650 - Sociology of Law

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: SOC 1010 or SOC 2010. Sociological examination of the relationship between law and society with a focus on how sociologists study law, legal systems, and legal actors.

  • SOC 4900 - Sociology Internship  3 to 6 credit hours  
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    (highly recommended for applied direction) 

    SOC 4900 - Sociology Internship

    3 to 6 credit hours

    Supervised independent study in which student is placed in an organization on a contractual basis as a means of applying the principles of student training in preparation for eventual employment. Arrangements should be made with the intern supervisor prior to registration.