Bledsoe's Lick Archaeological Project Acknowledgements

Since 1994, archaeological investigations at Bledsoe's Lick have been cooperatively sponsored by Middle Tennessee State University and the Bledsoe's Lick Historical Association. My special thanks go to Peter Heller and Ed Kick (chairs of my department) and John McDaniel (dean of my college) for their belief in and support of this project.

In the field, this project could not have proceeded successfully without the capable contributions of Dan Allen (Field Assistant in 1995,1996, 1997 and 1998), Jared Wood (Field Assistant 2000), Ted Wells (Field Assistant 2001) and the most important contributors to this project -- the students who made up the field crews.

1995: Andy Asherbranner, Ron Borders, Ali (Elrod) Dietz, Fred Heifner, Shelley Johnson, Keith Moses, Michelle Poston, Jim Puckett.

1996: Andy Asherbranner, Ron Borders, Kim Boyd, Jane Davis, Vincent Farone, Andy Goldthwaite, Stephanie Gray, Jason Guthrie, Jamie (Harvey) Storvik, Fred Heifner, Phillip Hodge, Abby Ingram, Greg Johns, David Morley, Kevin Osman, Marilyn Peters, Michelle Poston, Ken Presley, James Puckett, Tammery Ray, Thomas Welchance, Carol Wilson, and Aaron Winzinek.

1997: Troy Berger, Ron Borders, Kevin Ellis, Chris Henslee, Fran Henslee, Philip Hodge, Stephanie Lewis, Philip May, Karen Overton, Marilyn Peters, Jim Puckett, Dan Ryan, David Satterwhite, Philip Storvik, Retha Tibbs, Wes Tomlinson, Tom Welchance.

1998: Justine Christianson, Donna (Griffin) Haislip, Bryan Jackson, Joseph Jenkins, Tara Kuss, Phillip May, Chris Robbins, David Satterwhite, Christina Scheel, Scott Schoefernacker, David Toral, Rachael (Winton) Ryan, Jason Wyatt.

2000: Sirena Bragg, Bruce Burton, Rebecca Fields-Santin, Zarah Forsythe, Toyce Griffet, Sarah Harris, Bruce Henley, Chad Kinslow, Corey Smith, Shannon Taylor, Mahlon Todd, Josh Tuschl, Steven Yerka. Part-time students: Michelle Cyrus, Kim Rivers, Michael Strutt.

2001: Daniel Brock, Greg Cannon, Vanessa Justus, Debbie Lehew, Julianna Lindsay, Christy Lindsey, Addie McGrew, Paige Silcox, Corey Smith, David Wells, Tomi Winfree.

We are also greatly indebted to all of the officers and members of the Bledsoe's Lick Historical Association for their support and assistance during each year of the project.

Perhaps the greatest thanks go to the late Tom Mabrey (a descendant of Anthony Bledsoe), who purchased the first 15 acres of land and donated it to the county to establish Bledsoe's Fort Historical Park. His persistence in pursuing the cooperation of Middle Tennessee State University in this project is the primary reason the project happened. He also became a dear friend over the course of several years.

Lee and Doris Myers -- caretakers of Wynnewood -- deserve very special mention for tolerating a horde of college students living in their usually peaceful back yard for five weeks each summer. Lee was always available and willing to help the students -- going well above and beyond the call of duty to assist with our needs. Both Lee and Doris have also became treasured friends over the past few years.

And finally, our field camp could not have survived without the contributions of many members of the Bledsoe's Lick Historical Association: Howard and Nell Fulbright, Tracey Parks, John Garrott, Billy Green, Dr. Thomas, Jeremiah Belote, Lucy Bradley, Nathan Harsh, Doug Drake, and Ken Winter.