Links to the Frontier

Bledsoe's Lick Historical Association
The Bledsoe's Lick Historical Association is the official custodian of Bledsoe's Fort Historical Park in cooperation with Sumner County.

Hugh Rogan and Rogana
Hugh Rogan was one of the most famous of the Irish pioneers who resided at Bledsoe's Fort. His home -- Rogana -- was relocated to the park and restored. This web page provides the results of historical research by Caneta Hankins on Rogan and his home.

Mansker's Station
In Goodlettsville, a replica of a contemporary station is maintained in Moss-Wright Park.

Arbuckle's Fort, West Virginia
In West Virginia, excavations have been conducted on this fort from the same time period.

Logan's Fort, Kentucky
And in Kentucky, excavations have yielded information on another contemporaneous fort.