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The True Blue Core has launched with the 2024-2025 catalog!

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Mission Statement

The True Blue Core is the heart of Middle Tennessee State University's educational mission. The Core offers innovative teaching that supports students in discovery and exploration throughout their undergraduate coursework, providing them with interdisciplinary skills and knowledge that align with their college major. With an emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, information literacy, and effective communication, the Core is the foundation for academic, professional, and personal success as well as informed civic engagement and lifelong learning. The True Blue Core prepares students to participate and adapt in a dynamic and diverse world.

Description of Program

Distinctive to MTSU, the True Blue Core keeps the best of our previous general education program while encouraging faculty innovation and student exploration. With 41 hours of lower division courses, new student learning outcomes and new courses, the Core is transfer friendly and aligns with MTSU values.

Every student at MTSU must complete the Core (also known as general education) requirement in order to graduate and the new Core has been designed specifically to give students more and better choices to meet that requirement. In addition, the new student learning outcomes that are integrated into all Core courses were selected to give MTSU students the foundation they need for lifelong learning and success both academically and professionally.

What you'll learn: TBC Student Learning Outcomes

Benefits of the True Blue Core

  • a strong foundation and greater context for whatever major you choose. 
  • skills and knowledge employers want and that are crucial to succeeding in your professional life. 
  • the ability to navigate a diverse and culturally complex world. 
  • the experience you need to be leaders and change-makers in the 21st century.
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Director of the True Blue Core
Susan Myers-Shirk, Ph.D.
Professor of History

Implementation Coordinator
Dr. Christina Cobb
Associate Professor, University Studies

Administrative Coordinator
Abby Arnold

Graduate Assistant
Molly Walters

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  • Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)
  • Association for General & Liberal Studies (AGLS)

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