Self-Assignment is going on now!

Self-Assignment Group Numbers are outlined below. Self-assignment dates and times within each group are staggered throughout the week in order to prevent the system from being overloaded. Your email will give you the exact date and time you are eligible to self-assign.  Please make sure you are checking your MTSU email account often in the days leading up to your self-assignment week!

MTSU Self-Assignment Tutorial Video


What is self-assignment?

Self-assignment is the process students go through to select your assignment location at MTSU. In this process, students gain access to our housing system to look at available space and pick their assignment.  This process is very much like selecting seating on an airplane or for concerts/sporting venues.

What must I understand before beginning the self-assignment process?

  1. We strongly advise for you to plan to use a laptop or desktop during your self-assignment time. Maps can be cut off on Phones/iPads/Tablets, and and using a phone or tablet can make selecting a bed-space more difficult and time-consuming.
  2. If pop-up blockers are enabled on your browser, you must act to DISABLE them before being able to access self-assignment.
  3. Be sure to take a photo or print the confirmation page with your assignment details.

How do I approach self-assignment?

  1. To prepare yourself for self-assignment you should have several options or assignment locations in mind in case your first choice is not available.
  2. If you have a requested roommate, you and that individual should be in the same room or on the phone to communicate your self-assignment preferences and verify that you have both selected the identical building and room number in order to ensure the roommate match.
  3. At the bottom of the self-selection page you can view information in the form of visual maps or data on tables. The standard view is set to Maps, but to toggle between maps and data click “Display Table” in the upper right corner.  The listing of available spaces by location is available in both views.  The format for available rooms by location is Community: Area (# of spaces).  If you click on one of the listings, you will see a corresponding map appear.  If you move the cursor over the map, you will see the same information found under available spaces by location.

On the map locations available spaces will be indicated by a GREEN icon pastedGraphic.png .  If an area is not indicated in green, it is not an available location.  Maps can show you all buildings within an area, specific buildings, and floors within a specific building with spaces or rooms with beds available.  It will show bed spaces in relationship to other rooms on a floor. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this information before making your selection.  

If you are not interested in where the room is in relationship to another room, then we suggest you use the Display Table.  The table will give you the same available information without maps and pictures.

You can click on any red bed space [a RED icon pastedGraphic_1.png indicates space is occupied] and see the name of the person assigned at that location, provided they have released that information.

When does self-assignment begin?

Current Residents:
Self-assignment for current residents takes place in beginning in November for the upcoming academic year 2023-2024 (both Fall and Spring terms). A tentative self-assignment schedule can be seen above, as well as on the Dates Page of our website.

New Residents or current residents not participating in priority assignment:
Self-assignment for new residents and late reapplicants will begin in Spring and will continue until all on campus spaces are filled. Applications received after this date will be put on to our Waiting List, and will be staff-assigned to the first available cancellation.

All students, once assigned, can view their assignment on the “View My Assignment” template in the MT Housing Portal.

Because spring and summer spaces are limited or restricted to specific locations, self-assignment is not available for these terms.

When does self-assignment end?

The self-assignment process will end when all on-campus housing at MTSU is secured.  We will publicize the self-assignment close date on our social media and the website closer to when we anticipate being filled.

How do I know when I can self-assign?

Students with a completed application process are eligible for self-assignment and will be notified of their self-assignment open date by email at their MTSU email address ONLY. Follow the directions on that email to self-assign. For your convenience, a tentative schedule of self-assignment dates can be found on the “Dates” section of our website. 

What is a completed application?

A completed application includes:

  1. Signed and dated residential life application and agreement
  2. $350 prepayment (Fall - Spring) or $175 prepayment (Spring ONLY)
  3. Proof of meningitis vaccination (since a student’s 16th birthday) submitted and processed by Student Health Services
  4. Notarized Financial Guarantor Addendum (for students under 18 years of age at the time of application)

*Note: Your “Application Complete” date is not the same date as your application and/or contract date. Supplemental documentation items (Meningitis Proof, Financial Guarantor Addendum) require additional processing time. Please allow up 7-10 days for processing after you have submitted an item for evaluation.

What is the “open date”?

This is the first date that a student will have the opportunity to self-assign.

What if I miss the self-assignment deadline?

Students will receive notice of their open date or first opportunity to make a self-assignment at their MTSU email account. Self-assignment will remain open for this student until they self-assign. Students who fail to self-assign by the self-assignment deadline will be assigned by housing staff to available spaces with consideration given to requested accommodations listed on your housing application.

What if my requested roommate completes his/her application process after me or is a new applicant and I am a returning student?

Mutual roommate requests are strongly encouraged to coordinate completed applications so that both students are eligible to self-assign at the same time.  If your requested roommate does not complete the application process at the same time as you, or is a new student while you are a returning student, you should self-assign during your designated time and plan to re-assign yourself into a room with two vacancies (if one is available) at the time your requested roommate is to pick

What if I have problems with logging into the self-assignment process?

If you have problems logging into the system, you may call Housing at 615-898-2971, visit us in the Keathley University Center Room 300, or email a screen shot of your error message to  Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What if I want to live in a living-learning community?

If you want to participate in a living-learning community, you may do so by choosing a space in the building which houses the learning community. Your self-assignment letter will provide you with additional guidelines to which buildings/floors you should assign to if you would like to participate in one of our LLC’s. An application process is also required of our Global Learning Community LLC, so please visit our LLC page for more information.

When will I know who my roommate is?

You should be able to see roommate information at the time of selection if: [1] you select a location that has another student assigned at that location, and [2] if that student allowed students to see their information. You can also go back in to the MT Housing Portal and select the “View My Assignment” template at any time to view your room assignment and roommate contact information.

How do I see information about a potential roommate?

If you are viewing the Search Results by map, you will click on a red bed to see information about the student assigned to that space.

If you are viewing the Search Results by table, you will click on the student’s name to see information about the student assigned to that space.  If the student elected to not show his/her name, you will click on “Name has been marked as private.”  In this case you will not see the student’s name but you may see some information about the student.

Once I complete the self-assignment process, am I guaranteed “that” space?

The University reserves the right to make all premise assignments and to make any changes or transfers at the University’s discretion without notice, however, we will do our best to honor the self-assignment process and keep you in the location you selected.

What if I want to make an assignment change?

If you decide you want to change where you are assigned after you have completed the self-assignment process, you may go back into the housing system to reassign until self-assignment closes.


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Housing assignment information comes to MTSU email accounts, so check often.

  • Meningococcal vaccination required for room assignment.

    Click here to upload your proof of meningitis to the Health Services Student Portal, or fax documentation to 615-898-5459.
  • Housing maintenance request call 615-898-4116 or Click here
  • Emergency maintenance requests after normal business hours – contact the front desk of your building for assistance