Committee Brainstorming Session

The Topic Selection brainstorming session was held on March 5, 2014 in the James E. Walker Library IT/LTC.  Members were presented with four questions to consider: 
  1. What kinds of knowledge and skills are important to the future success of MTSU students?
  2. Based on data, what kinds of knowledge and skills do MTSU students need to improve?
  3. Based on data, are there student population groups the QEP should target?
  4. What types of experiences could most enhance learning at MTSU?
Each member presented his or her findings and the group conferred to determine trends or themes that emerged as possibilities for a new program.  Click here for the full report.


Faculty interested in teaching an MT Engage course should contact Mary Hoffschwelle at 615-898-5806 or for more information, or complete the MT Engage interest form.

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