QEP Development Committee Members

Committee Members Subcommittee Title Email
Todd Bene Resources Student Representative  
Carol Boraiko Research Associate Professor, Engineering Technology Carol.Boraiko@mtsu.edu
Scott Boyd     Resources Professor, Speech and Theatre Scott.Boyd@mtsu.edu
Michelle Boyer-Pennington Student Learning Outcomes- chair Professor, Psychology Michelle.Boyer-Pennington@mtsu.edu
Chris Brewer Student Learning Outcomes Director of Data Management and Institutional Research Chris.Brewer@mtsu.edu
Janis Brickey Resources Associate Professor, Interior Design


Tom Brinthaupt Action Steps Director of Faculty Development; Professor, Psychology LTITC Tom.Brinthaupt@mtsu.edu
Amy Burks Research Digital Media Studio  
Paula Calahan Action Steps Academic Advisor, Jones College of Business


Sharon Coleman Action Steps Professor, Interior Design


Wynnifred Counts Resources Associate Director, Student-Athlete Enhancement Center Wynnifred.Counts@mtsu.edu
Bene Cox Resources Director, Margaret H. Ordoubadian University Writing Center; Professor, English Department  
Kathy Crisp Resources Assistant Vice President of Administrative and Business Services  
Lara Daniel Action Steps- chair Assistant Dean for Assessment, Jones College of Business; Professor, Business Law Lara.Daniel@mtsu.edu
Dusty Doddridge Research Assistant Director for Employer Relations; Career Development Center


Lynda Duke                        *through 11/15

Research Manager, Digital Media Studio


Mary Farone Action Steps Professor, Biology Department Mary.Farone@mtsu.edu
Tricia Farwell Research Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Strategic Media: Faculty Senate President Tricia.Farwell@mtsu.edu
Bud Fischer  Action Steps  Dean, Basic and Applied Sciences Bud.Fischer@mtsu.edu
Rebecca Foote Action Steps Accounting Instructional Coordinator


Cole Fullerton  Action Steps Student Representative


Virginia Gadd Resources Student Representative  
Kaylene Gebert Resources Professor, Speech and Theater  
Jeff Gibson   Action Steps Chairperson, Speech and Theatre Jeff.Gibson@mtsu.edu
Terry Goodin                  Student Learning Outcomes Assistant Professor, Womack Educational Leadership     Terry.Goodin@mtsu.edu
David Gotcher Resources Associate Dean, University College  
Tim Graeff     Student Learning Outcomes Professor, Management and Marketing Tim.Graeff@mtsu.edu
Scott Handy Action Steps Interim Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies


Jimmy W. Hart Action Steps Director, News & Media Relations


Michael Hein Student Learning Outcomes Associate Director of COHRE; Professor, Psychology


Ronda Henderson Research Associate Professor, Business Communication and Entrepreneurship Ronda.Henderson@mtsu.edu
Tyler Henson Action Steps Assistant Director, Scheduling Center


Cheryl Hitchcock  Research Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education Cheryl.Hitchcock@mtsu.edu
Neyland Hopkins Resources SGA Student Representative              
Tina Johnson Student Learning Outcomes Director, Women's and Gender Studies; Professor, English  
Robert Kalwinsky Action Steps Professor, Mass Communication


Ron Kates Research Professor, English Ron.Kates@mtsu.edu
Danny Kelley Resources Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Danny.Kelley@mtsu.edu
Meredith E. Kerr Resources Development Director, College of Liberal Arts Meredith.Kerr@mtsu.edu
Jeanna Kinnebrew Action Steps Graduate Student Representative  
Lucy Langworthy Action Steps Advising Manager, College of Liberal Arts


Brandon Lewis Action Steps Student Representative
Marva Lucas Resources Chairperson, University Studies Marva.Lucas@mtsu.edu
Nancy McCormick Research Associate Professor, College of Basic and Applied Sciences


Patti Miller Resources Associate Vice President, Campus Planning  
Jamie Morgan Action Steps Executive Secretary, College of Education


Kari Neely Student Learning Outcomes Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages


Sheila Otto Student Learning Outcomes Associate Professor, English Sheila.Otto@mtsu.edu
Andrew Owusu Research Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance Andrew.Owusu@mtsu.edu
Greg Pitts Student Learning Outcomes Director, School of Journalism and Strategic Media


Gina Poff Action Steps Director, New Student and Family Programs


Jan Quarles Resources Professor, Interactive Media


Mary Esther Reed Action Steps Community Member; Mayor of Smyrna  
Kallie Revels Student Learning Outcomes Graduate Student Representative  
Lisa Rogers Resources Assistant Vice-President, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Lisa.Rogers@mtsu.edu
Dianna Rust - chair Resources Associate Professor, University Studies; QEP Committee Chairperson Dianna.Rust@mtsu.edu
Rick Sluder Action Steps Vice Provost for Student Success


Rebecca Smith Resources Chairperson, Social Work Rebecca.Smith@mtsu.edu
Sharon Smith Action Steps Associate Professor, Communication


Carol Swayze Student Learning Outcomes University College Administration, EXL Director Carol.Swayze@mtsu.edu
Terri Tharp Action Steps Assistant Professor, Elementary and Special Education


Martha Weller Student Learning Outcomes Professor, Physics


Sharon C. Whiteside Research Assistant Professor, School of Nursing


Jason Vance Research - chair Assistant Professor, Walker Library Jason.Vance@mtsu.edu
Albert Whittenberg Resources Interim Assistant Vice President, Information Technology


Evan Butler Laura Moore    
Andrea Cano Morgan Mosley    
Dominique Fields Grace Mueller    
David Frost Sonia Torres Reyes    
Acoya Gibbons Diana Rosales    
Chad Jones Jack Saupe    
Taylor Liebhart Taylor Sloan    
Calvin McKinney  Courtney Webb    
Ex-Officio Members
Faye Johnson                              Assistant to Provost for Special Initiatives Faye.Johnson@mtsu.edu



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