QEP Committee Members

Committee Members Title Email
Carol Boraiko Associate Professor, Engineering Technology Carol.Boraiko@mtsu.edu
Scott Boyd     Professor, Speech and Theatre Scott.Boyd@mtsu.edu
Michelle Boyer-Pennington Professor, Psychology Michelle.Boyer-Pennington@mtsu.edu
Bud Fischer  Dean, Basic and Applied Sciences Bud.Fischer@mtsu.edu
Jeff Gibson   Chairperson, Speech and Theatre Jeff.Gibson@mtsu.edu
Terry Goodin                         Assistant Professor, Womack Educational Leadership     Terry.Goodin@mtsu.edu
Tim Graeff     Professor, Management and Marketing Tim.Graeff@mtsu.edu
Ronda Henderson Associate Professor, Business Communication and Entrepreneurship Ronda.Henderson@mtsu.edu
Neyland Hopkins SGA Student Representative        nmh2w@mtmail.mtsu.edu           
Marva Lucas Chairperson, University Studies Marva.Lucas@mtsu.edu
Sheila Otto                            Associate Professor, English Sheila.Otto@mtsu.edu
Dianna Rust Associate Professor, University Studies; QEP Committee Chairperson Dianna.Rust@mtsu.edu
Rebecca Smith Chairperson, Social Work Rebecca.Smith@mtsu.edu
Jason Vance Assistant Professor, Walker Library Jason.Vance@mtsu.edu
Ex-Officio Members
Chris Brewer Director of Data Management and Institutional Research Chris.Brewer@mtsu.edu
Faye Johnson                            Assistant to Provost for Special Initiatives Faye.Johnson@mtsu.edu


Faculty interested in teaching an MT Engage course should contact Julie Myatt at 615-898-2563 or Julie.Myatt@mtsu.edu for more information.

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