Building Services

Building Services provides a robust menu of repair and maintenance services for MTSU buildings and utility systems to help keep the campus functioning smoothly. Services range from metal work to carpentry, from plumbing to electrical systems maintenance and roofing to building envelope repair and maintenance.  These services are provided by highly skilled technicians employed by the university and numerous outside contractors under contract with MTSU.  These services are provided for all buildings owned by the University on the main campus and the five off-campus operations.   

Building Services is often the first to respond to after-hours urgencies and emergencies to restore utilities, to halt further damage to campus facilities from natural disasters and systems failures, and to enable a secure environment for the MTSU campus community.  The maintenance and restoration of major campus utilities is a responsibility which is shared with the Energy Services Department.  Building Services has among its core purposes:

  • To maintain a campus environment conducive to learning, safety, and personal development
  • To provide accessible and appropriately maintained university facilities to meet the academic, recreational, and personal needs of all students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • To maintain and enhance the value and utility of the University‚Äôs physical plant.
  • To deliver superior value to the University community by providing high quality maintenance and repair services at the lowest possible cost through visioning, leadership, stewardship and sustainable practices.
  • To enhance the total campus experience for the students and the faculty, staff, administration, and visitors.

Director of Building Services: Don Turner