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Motor Pool maintains a fleet of vehicles to service the campus community for transporting students, faculty, and staff on and off campus. From cars and vans to utility vehicles used by the maintenance and grounds staff, the motor pool staff is responsible for preventative maintenance and repair of all the vehicles. By maintaining a service area to perform mechanical repairs, Motor Pool keeps the University's fleet of vehicles available and safe while providing cost-effective transportation for the many University employees who use the vehicles.

Reservations are required to use the vehicles and each department is billed for the usage. Reports are filed with Facilities Services Accounting Information Services tracking the usage and billing for each vehicle. Motor Pool also supplies fuel for the vehicles and maintains fuel reports required by the State.

In the event Motor Pool does not have an available vehicle, you may use the State of Tennessee - State Wide Contract #205 to procure a rental vehicle through Enterprise.

To contact Motor Pool: 615-898-2415. 

Meet our Fleet!

sedan Sedans | Seats 4 Adults
mini Minivans | Seats 6 Adults
12pass 12-Passenger Vans | Seats 12 Adults 
micro Micro Buses | Seats 15 Adults
handicap Handicapped Accessible Van | Local Use Only 

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