Energy Services

Building heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems for campus facilities are maintained by Energy Services, as well as responsibility for the safe and efficient operation of all heating and chilling operations providing steam, domestic hot water, and chilled water.

The staff of Energy Services, housed in the Central Plant, does work that varies from the campus' 'low-tech' older, two- and four-pipe steam and chiller systems to the new 'high-tech' cogeneration system. [See MTSU and Cogeneration]

The Central Plant is the center of the utility infrastructure, providing chilled water, steam, electricity and 24-hour monitoring, for its customers: students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Energy Services has the following goals:

  • Produce and distribute steam, electricity and chilled water for various uses in the major campus buildings
  • Provide comfortable temperature levels conducive to positive and healthful living and learning environments
  • Maintain energy conservation and comfort controlling equipment in proper working order
  • Conserve energy where possible without sacrificing the comfort of the campus community

Labor Rates for Estimating Work

Jeff McConnell

Director Energy Services & Utilities
Middle Tennessee State University