Engineering Services

The Engineering Services department delivers engineering consultation and design functions to the University with the following as its main areas of emphasis:

• To ensure campus engineering standards are maintained throughout the design process for both in-house construction/renovation projects and new construction projects on campus.

• To conduct on-site assessments when necessary to diagnose, troubleshoot, and direct resources toward the repair and/or replacement of campus mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, life safety, and security systems (i.e. chillers, boilers, lighting, HVAC, elevators, generators, etc.)

• To manage the campus’ access control and security systems so as to coordinate all key events with the annual University calendar.

• To direct activities of the Center for Energy Efficiency (CEE) including oversight for the development and implementation of energy efficient protocols and projects on campus.

• To utilize underground utility detection hardware and software to document all major services on campus for use in future construction and renovation projects.

Director of Engineering Services: Alan Parker, P.E.

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