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Below are several "beyond the classroom" activities that support the MT Engage mission.

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Upcoming Events 


March 14 – Lytle Creek Public Meeting
When:  6-8pm (TBD)
Where:  Patterson Park Community Center
Discussion about upcoming Tree Day event & riparian protection within the City.
Contact:  Cynthia Allen (, 615-898-2660)

March 16 - City of Murfreesboro’s Annual Tree Day Event
(Need around 6 volunteers)
When: 8am-2pm
Where:  Patterson Park
Volunteers needed to help to set up/take down tent, wrap bare root seedlings & assist in distribution of seedlings to local residents.
Contact:  Amanda Rogers (, 615-904-8575)

April 13 - 2019 Park Day Volunteer Project
When: 8:30am-12:30pm
Where:  Picnic Pavilion #1 – Murfreesboro’s Old Fort Park
Volunteers needed to remove trash & exotic plants from Fortress Rosecrans, Old Fort Park & Lytle Creek Greenway.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIREDWe are asking individuals and groups to pre-register by contacting Jim Lewis at 615-893-9501 or by email at We will need groups of six or more volunteers to have one person per every 6-8 volunteers attend one of our Squad Boss training sessions and learn how to lead their fellow volunteers in the day's work.


April 20 – MTSU ACE Learning Center “Saddle Up” Event
(Need 2-4 volunteers)
When:  8am-1pm
Where:  MTSU Tennessee Livestock Center
Volunteers needed to help set up/take down booth & hand out educational items at booth.
Contact:  Cynthia Allen (, 615-898-2660)

 April 27 – City of Murfreesboro Earth Day Celebration
(Need 6-8 volunteers)
When: 8am-2pm
Where:  Murfreesboro’s Downtown Square

Volunteers needed to help set up/take down booth & hand out educational items at booths.
Contact:  Amanda Rogers (, 615-904-8575)

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