Faculty Recruitment and Workload

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Faculty Recruitment Process Documents

Videos: How to navigate in PageUp

Faculty Recruitment Process Overview (revised Feb 2024)   Search Committee Members' Review of Applicants
Faculty Line Request Template (new June 2021) Entering Strengths and Limitations  
Faculty Posting Request (new Sept 2021) Reviewing and Submitting Pool to Dean  
Full-Time Faculty Recruitment Guide (revised Feb 2024) How to Complete an Offer Card  
Reference Guide for Search Committee Members (revised Jan 2022) Salary Recommendation Form  
Faculty Qualifications and Credentials Manual (new Aug 2023)    
Step-by-Step and Using PageUp Guide (revised Mar 2024)    

Hiring Forms and Documents

Academic Preparation Certification Form (revised May 2024)
Academic Preparation Certification Form for GTAs (revised June 2024)
Adjunct Faculty Hiring Checklist (revised April 2024)
Adjunct Parking Permit Request (new July 2022)
Adjunct Pay Criteria
Authorization for Payment of Extra Compensation (revised May 2024)
Background Check for Adjunct /HWO FTT (revised June 2024)
Faculty Applicant Selection Criteria Form (revised Feb 2024)
Faculty Compensation for Teaching Courses as an Overload
Full-Time Faculty Hiring Checklist Without a Search (revised Mar 2024)
Full-Time Faculty Hiring Checklist (revised Mar 2024)
Individual Report on Outside Professional Employment or Continuing Business Activity
Non-Benefitted Employee Hiring Guidelines and Acknowledgement
Request for Waiver of Search Procedures (revised Nov 2021)
Request to Fail a Faculty Search (new Sept 2023)
Salary Recommendation for Faculty Candidate Form (revised Mar 2024)
Start-Up Request Form (revised Sept 2021)


Workload Guidelines (revised July 2023)
Quick View - Faculty Workload
Faculty Workload Form (Part B) (revised Nov 2022)
Request for Non-Instructional (Reassignment from Teaching) Workload Units (revised July 2022)
Instructions for completing Request for Non-Instructional Workload Units (revised June 2024)
Summer Guidelines and Summer Sessions Quickview

Faculty Workload Calendar of Deadlines, Fall 2024

The Faculty Load Process (revised July 2022)
Faculty Workload Flowchart (new July 2022)

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